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Do you want to win more new customers for your business? And at the same time appeal to your targeted customers? Perhaps do you only want just more traffic for your blog or Web page? In all these cases, it is recommended to put it on the marketing power of Instagram.


With the help of Instagram increase not only the reach of your company, but also generate a large number of new customers or visitors for your Internet presence. Instagram is certainly not only a simple images app, but rather an extremely successful marketing tool.


With more than 1.2 billion users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. In USA alone, the Instagram community counts more than
140.5 million active users. (As of 31. January 2021)     Instagram >>


First of all, of course, it is not just enough to have a profile on Instagram and that is the foundation stone but unfortunately not the guarantor to success. To settle in the Instagram universe of other profiles it requires certain basic requirements, such as a higher follower number or likes and comments. At least here we come into play; we help your Instagram account "on its feet" and engage with daily growing popularity in the Online Spotlight of Instagram.


We offer various individual funding opportunities, thus we can promote each individual profile exactly on point. Simply choose your suitable package from our numerous support measures.


Are you not sure which package is best suitable for your personal needs? No problem, in this case our english speaking live chat is available, our employees are already looking forward to meeting you!







Many entrepreneurs / bloggers / celebs who successfully use Instagram know exactly how important it is to have a professional Instagram appearance. Not only the perfect pictures or the proper Hashtags, but also a healthy number of followers also leads to a professional appearance. And the very first inevitably question we are confronted with is: "Should I buy my Instagram followers, or not?"


buy instagram follower

To be honest, many Instagramers greatly underestimate the value of purchased followers - or even condemn its acquisition. But one thing is now just a matter of fact, in order to give your profile the necessary reputation on Instagram you must definitely buy Instagram followers. Whether purchased or organic gained followers, both followers contribute for the Instagram network to be better ranked. Therefore, our conclusion is quite clear; Purchased followers are a must have to increase the personal range.


This is the rule of thumb, the more followers the higher the Instagram ranking. By the way, our followers are real and active subscribers who may also like your posts and comment. The delivery time is usually just a few hours.


We also offer semi active followers. As the name suggests are more semi active, i.e. rarely online and hence low cost, ideal for those whom it is not too important whether the follower now likes and comments or not.


Below is a short summary about the benefits of additional Instagram followers;


- Brand exposure:

Around the world more and more people are using Instagram, high Follower numbers represent a quick way to reach more prospects.


- Purchasing followers helps to generate more organic followers:

The logic here is very simple. Users tend to follow Instagram profiles which already have several thousand followers. Thus, it is to be expected that a further organic growth in subscribers will take place after a purchase.


- Instagram interactions:

The acquisition of followers increases the Instagram interactivity and thus the potential for likes, views and comments.


- Instagram-marketing:

Instagram is particularly effective in increasing sales figures. Thus Instagram suitable for promoting products and services worldwide.







Now it is also possible to buy female Instagram Followers. With this offer you will receive exclusively female Followers. The delivery requires only few hours as usual. There are 7 different packages, starting from 250 up to 10.000 Followers. The starting price is 8.99 USD. In case of unfollows, we will refill them completely free of charge.








Without a foundation there’s no house! Followers are known to be the cornerstone of every single Instagram profile. It is precisely for this reason, we offer our cost-conscious customer semi-active subscribers in order to put together an affordable foundation.


Here our semi active subscribers are not fake or ghost followers. On the contrary even these subscribers have real profiles, however, are less active and have less profile content. The difference with our high quality Instagram followers is that the semi-active Instagram followers usually do not Post, like or comment.


The reason why you should still buy semi-active followers is actually simple. It creates a low-cost base with semi active subscribers making your profile more interesting. Semi active followers are the right choice for those who want to put less value on interactions but sure would like to have a higher number of subscribers. This then makes your profile more attractive or interesting for other users and this leads to a natural increase in new subscribers as well.








At buycheapestfollowers we worry first and foremost about your social media success and this also means that your pictures or videos as soon as possible get the response that is needed to stand out from all the other posts in the Instagram network.


The likes purchased from us are exclusively real likes of active Instagram users. In comparison to other suppliers, we are one of the fastest in the industry. Our Instagram likes are delivered usually within a few minutes.


buy instagram likes

With a like you not only get a positive feedback on your post, but also a feeling that the posted contribution was received by other users. In the broadest sense, likes are a gauge of your success and are undoubtedly essential for each profile. Also, here it is considered that - the more likes the greater your success, because the Instagram algorithm advertises posts with high like numbers fully automatically across the network. However, posts with a few likes will not be considered and disappear in Instagram nirvana.


Thus the acquisition of likes makes it worthwhile to massively own posts in the Instagram network to emphasize and outperform the competition in the Instagram search results.


You should note the following thumb rule, for every hundred Instagram subscribers, ten Instagram likes, and at least one comment. (100 x 10 x 1)


Furthermore it is also possible to simply divide the likes with us as often as you like, simply indicate how we should distribute the purchased likes at checkout in the comment box.








Due to several requests, we are now offering slow gradual likes in the Web shop and VIP. The slow likes can be distributed over a period of time and delivered bit by bit.


This is especially helpful for costumers, which prefer a successive increase.


The slow likes are going to be delivered in following time periods:
15 and 30 Minutes – 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 Hours


For instance – when you are ordering 4000 Likes for a time period of 4 hours, you will receive 1000 Likes every hour. After approximately 4 hours, your delivery will be done and you will have 4000 Likes on your Instagram post.


If you want to order slow likes, please enter in the preferred time period into the purchase comment. The autolikes are usually activated within a few minutes after the order is successfully completed








Buying followers from USA sustainably increases the ranking in the US Instagram Network. It is important to know that the Instagram algorithm is structured similarly like a search engine E.g. Google. The more one has subscribers from USA, the more one is advertised as a popular profile in the US Instagram network.


buy instagram follower from usa

For instance, if you buy US followers from us, your profile will rank much more better in the US network. With spanish followers, in spain, with french followers, in france. And so on.


Because we know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to build organic followers from USA, we also offer these at an unbeatable sale price.








Very often we encounter Instagram profiles from USA with thousands of subscribers, but funnily enough, the individual posts have only a handful of likes. Here you can see that at first glance these are fake followers who just don't like and comment. It is also definitely low on the US Instagram ranking. For this reason you should ensure that enough US likes get noticed on your posts.


buy instagram usa likes

Of course, the chosen Hashtags also play an important role, so they should not be overwrought. Hashtags with several millions contributions are definitively the wrong Hashtags, because these are hardly visible longer than a few seconds. You should rather rely on the niche of Hashtags with few posts and combine it all with the correct number of US likes. (100 followers per / 10 likes) This can be visible for weeks with your post on the US instagram network.


Conclusion: If the Instagram Like numbers has a reasonable proportion to the Instagram Follower numbers and you also have the right Hashtags, you’ll get exactly the attention urgently needed on Instagram to get your posts better placed.








With purchased Instagram comments, you make yourself a very effective marketing tool. Because only through the comments on a post do you get the desired "personal touch". Professional comments give your profile not only reliability, but also the desired attention, after the motto "one speaks about it". Posts without or with too few comments seem rather boring and uninteresting to outsiders.


buy instagram comments

We also offer in addition to our standard comments the possibility to provide independent comments. We will take over your predefined text. Of course, you may use also Emojis in your comments.


As we all know man is a "herd animal" - they do this to themselves to be useful, because each gladly wants to join in the conversation, but mostly only to what somebody has already previously written.


Do not hesitate, promote your profile, increase your personal Instagram ranking and increase your interactions in the blink of an eye.








buy instagram mentions

Instagram mentions help to draw even more attention to your posts in the Instagram network and steer potential followers to your Instagram profile. The Instagram mentions is actually quite a simple service, you can choose any post on your profile. This post is then massively advertised by us

- to do this, we send a personal direct message to Instagram users with similar interests to alert them to your profile. It is best suited for the followers of a profile with similar interests and profiles of direct competitors.


Instagram mentions is an excellent funding measure to increase your followers organically.

To put it briefly, Instagram mentions is to be understood as a kind of self promotion for your personal profile. This still very efficient and cost-effective


For questions about our mentions service and further information on Instagram we are happy to answer in our live chat available free of charge.








With Instagram video views we help to support the dissemination of your videos. Due to a high number of views of your video, it is ranked a whole lot better in the Instagram network and also more easily discovered by other Instagram users.


buy instagram video views

The first few hours after the release of your videos are crucial. That is, the more the views are purchased the faster we can supply - your video thereby becomes immediately available in the Instagram self-promotion and flushes out massive new visitors to your profile.


We implement your views order in just a few minutes from buycheapestfollowers and therefore also provide more coverage, because faster views signal to Instagram that this post is exceptionally interesting. Here, too, it is important that the Hashtags are well chosen. The tags should never be overwrought and also match the video.


In addition, we recommend combining the views with a likes order. This combination will ensure that your Instagram video with the appropriate number of Instagram likes is found in the longer term for the most watched posts. The advantage is obvious – only those who have seen also receive a response.


Ultimately, it is so that the individual Instagram parameters must be such that followers, views, likes and also comments are consistent. Our priority here is to give your profile a natural appearance and in the long term to help you to achieve the desired goal. If all of this fits your profile then it also works as a "Swiss Watch".








With Instagram live video views easily increase your live video viewers. With the acquisition of live views, you can very easily reach new users, and should at the same time your Livestream meet the taste of bought viewers, they are usually happy to follow your profile.


Moreover, a higher number in Live Views accelerates remarkably strongly your Instagram popularity and is ideal therefore for users who want to improve their reach and interactions. Higher live views for Instagram newcomers are very helpful to distinguish themselves from other profiles. To give an example, profiles with high live video viewing figures will get advertised internally on the network by Instagram and promoted.


The Instagram Auto Live Views start automatically 10 minutes after the purchase.








Clearly, Yes! Live likes is a must-have for those who want to lend more self assertion to their Instagram stream.

The live video likes mainly complete a live stream and make the audience feel that your video is also liked by other viewers; hence your live stream will be shifted from the outset into the right path.


In addition, live likes lead inevitably to a better reputation and a better ranking in the Instagram network.


Bottom line: For a successful live stream we recommend live video views with live likes to combine a balanced relationship between viewers and achieving likes. From our experience we can say that live videos that were purchased in combination with views and likes especially achieve sustained popularity in the Instagram network.








On August 02, 2017 the story format celebrated its first birthday, and the numbers speak for themselves. One-third of the most viewed stories come from companies. This therefore becomes quickly clear that you inevitably must deal with this new marketing tool as a company. But it is not only for business customers as private users can find the story feature quite interesting.


But even with the stories, it is important that these are also seen. This is because the more Story Views you can get, the greater the likelihood that your personal story will also be proposed to Instagram users, this in turn brings more attention to your profile. Because only those who have seen it, can benefit from your personal story. By the way, bought Story Views are also a guarantee for organic growth. Because a large number of views will also convince skeptical Instagram users to follow your profile.


buy instagram story views

In addition, many cooperation partners would like to see how the advertised products in their story have arrived with the 'audience' for example, high views figures are an important indicator. Because higher views not only speak clearly to you but are also a key indicator for further follow-up orders.


Also potential new clients, such as marketing agencies look to advance on the basis of a single Instagram story and decide on the basis of the views, who might be a potential candidate for a specific product. This opens new doors especially for our business customers and of course also increases sales.


Conclusion: The more users see the story, the greater is the likelihood that others become aware. Only those who are really consistently seen progress on Instagram. Also own Story Views excellently to stand out from the mayflies in this area.







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