Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying Social Promotions such as Followers, Likes, Views, and others?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. It increases your chances of growth in a certain social network and helps you build a solid foundation for your future. Whenever you buy Followers, Likes, and Views, you will potentially benefit many times over the initial cost of this purchase. Most of our clients will realize an increase in their social reach even weeks after their purchase. This can be helpful for any type of Social Media growth, no matter if you are an influencer, online store, or follow any other type of goal on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and co.

Is it legal to buy Followers, Likes, Views, Plays, and every other service?

Yes, all of the services we offer on our website are 100% legal to purchase. We do NOT offer any illegal services. Moreover, our unique services make sure that you will not violate any of the platforms terms of service. Therefore, you never have to worry about getting any type of bans or similar when choosing BuyCheapestFollowers as your partner.

Do you require any sensitive data, such as passwords?

No, we will never ask you for any of your sensitive data when you will order on our website. When you buy Followers, Likes, Views, or any other type of service, we will not require your password. Generally, you only have to send us the URL for the order, and we will send the ordered service directly to the link. We also suggest not to trust any other service provider asking for your password or login data.

How long does the delivery take?

Usually, we complete every service shortly after your order confirmation. Our team of experts will take care to deliver your order in a timely manner. You will usually realize the first Followers, Likes, etc., shortly after you have successfully checked out. In the rarest circumstances, it can take up to a few hours to complete your order. However, when you choose to buy any of our slow services, you can decide the delivery speed of your order.

Are the Followers, Likes, Views, etc., actually real?

Yes, all of the services we send to you are 100% real and come from genuine users on the platform. We have a wide network of active and real accounts on each platform we offer services for. We use this network wisely to fulfill all of our orders. We never have and never will work with bots or other technical tricks to deliver your order.

Do I need to follow my followers back?

No, you never have to do this. We only offer followers that you do not have to follow back. Still, if you want to follow one of these followers, you can feel free to do so as these are real and active accounts.

What can I do when I do not receive my order?

If you did not receive your order after a few hours, please check if you have followed these two simple steps: - Is your profile public? (We are not able to deliver to private profiles) - Did you enter the right Username/Link? If you have followed these two simple steps and still did not receive your order, we kindly ask you to contact us. Our team of experts will instantly take care of this problem. Please note that you should not change your username during the delivery to avoid any inconveniences.

Why does my Profile need to be Public?

Some platforms like Instagram have the option to turn your profile private. Just like the name suggests, these profiles are not publicly available, and therefore our network of users does not have access to this profile. Therefore, we are not able to deliver your order. We can only deliver to public profiles.

Can others see that I have bought Social Promotion Services?

No, nobody will ever realize that you have bought social promotion services, such as Followers, Likes, Views, or any other service we offer. First of all, the services come from real and active users. Furthermore, we will never share your information with any third party. So none of your fans and followers will ever realize that you have bought digital promotion services.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, all of the services offered on BuyCheapestFollowers have a Money-Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, we are not able to complete your order, you will receive the paid amount back fully. For more information, feel free to visit the Money-Back Guarantee section.

Can I get a full refund?

You can only get a refund before the delivery has started. After the delivery has started, refunds are not possible anymore. The simple reason for this is that digital services can not be simply reversed.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all popular payment methods. For instance, we accept Credit- and Debit Cards, Apple- and Google Pay, as well as PayPal and PaySafeCard. Your payment details are always transmitted via SSL-Encryption to guarantee the highest security standards and protect your data.

Can I pay with Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, we have recently also added the option to pay with various cryptocurrencies. You can pay for your Followers, Likes, and Views with Bitcoin & other digital currencies. We work together with Coinbase to fulfill the checkout process. Moreover, you will receive a 15% discount if you choose this payment method.

Can I get a bulk discount?

If our wide variety of packages is not enough for you, please contact us directly. You can write us via LiveChat or email to get any service you desire. We also offer discounts if you are interested in getting our services in bulk.

Can I use my account during the delivery?

Yes, you can fully use your account during the delivery. There are no restrictions at all. You can follow other accounts, like different content, and comment on other posts. Please note that you can not change your username and turn your account private.

Can the Followers/Likes/Views be deleted later?

No, we can never delete the services after they have been delivered. If you want to delete the service you have received, you have to do so manually. You have to click through every profile one by one and delete them. This can be done with almost all types of services you can buy on our website.

Can I contact your Customer Support after my order?

Yes, of course. Our 24/7 customer support is always happy to help you. You can reach them via LiveChat or email if you have any further questions. This special service is one of the reasons why our customers have decided to work with us.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us via email, LiveChat, or our contact form.


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