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Buy IMDb Ratings to make your Movie/TV Show Blockbuster- Learn how!

Buy IMDb Ratings to make your Movie/TV Show a Blockbuster- Learn how!

IMDb is the colossal giant of all movie databases. It has been around forever. Generations and generations have been relying on IMDb to find out if they should watch a movie. A great IMDb rating can change the whole outlook of a movie or a TV show. An upcoming filmmaker must focus on IMDb ratings. 

Founded in 1990 by a software developer named Col Needham, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that IMDb has become ‘The Library of Congress’ for movies and TV shows. Watching a movie is not a gamble anymore. You can make an informed decision based on IMDb ratings and determine whether a movie is worth your money or time.

Is IMDb reliable or not? It is a fairly simple question to answer. Yes, you can rely on IMDb ratings, and you wouldn’t be disappointed almost always. Currently, it is owned by Amazon. This should be enough for anybody to realize the worth of IMDb.

The working model and IMDb features have constantly improved since its first release. They developed a fairly sustainable voting method that can output highly accurate data. Instead of asking people if they liked a movie, IMDb asks its users to rate a movie on a scale of 1-10. One being the worst and ten being the best. Although very few have been able to achieve a solid ten yet.


Why are the IMDb ratings relevant?

Why are the IMDb Ratings relevant?

Essentially, three factors give relevance and importance to IMDb ratings;

  • The fact that these ratings are based on multiple votes by common people, not just a single expert or critic.
  • An extensive and vast voting system.
  • Psychological factor.

Unlike many film reviews written by a single or a couple of movie critics/experts, IMDb ratings are voted by thousands and thousands of users who are the end consumers. To better understand the difference, consider film reviews as product advertisements and IMDb ratings as customer reviews.

A person or even a small group of people can be influenced to change their reviews or put out paid reviews very easily. But this is not possible with many thousand people. That’s why IMDb ratings are much more reliable than any film review.

Also, psychological factor comes into play when a person looks at your movie/TV show’s high IMDb rating. If the said person was skeptical about watching your movie/TV show before, then that person will be convinced that he should watch it because it will be worth his time and money. This factor works both ways. That’s why a positive rating is even more important.


IMDb movie ratings: The Technique

IMDb Ratings: The Technique

Don’t you dare scroll over this part! We know you want to, but hear us out. You must understand how exactly the IMDb movie rating system works. Answer this question, is the IMDb rating an average of all its users’ scores? If you said yes, then you are slightly wrong, my friend. Please don’t get discouraged; we will tell you everything there is to know about how this system works.

IMDb votes are cumulative of all the scores given by IMDb users. But that’s not it. There are many factors that influence the final ratings. For example, IMDb assigns more value to the scores given by its regular users. They have been on the platform for a long time compared to newly registered accounts.

Let’s say 100 new accounts gave a movie an average score of 8. But 50 old accounts gave it only 6. So mathematically, if we take an average of these votes, the final score should be 7. But this is not the case; the final rating of this movie would be significantly below 7, possibly close to 6. This example demonstrates that the final ratings on IMDb are biased toward a certain demographic of users.

Studies have found that; senior accounts are not the only demographic to which this theory stands true. Different values or weights are assigned to a vote based on age, US or Non-US users, IMDb’s top 1000 users, and the staff.


How you can use this information to your advantage

How you can use this information to your advantage

  • Knowing the working model of IMDb, you can strategically plan your movie/TV show's release.
  • Right around the release, you can buy IMDb ratings from us to boost your movie/TV show.
  • You can offer pre-release watching to the top IMDb users and establish a good rating.
  • This information helps you better understand your audience demographic.
  • Having secured a good rating on IMDb before release will make people more likely to go ahead and watch the movie/TV show.
  • Hosting a Premier before release is very important. Using the information about how IMDb works can help you determine the demographics of the people you should invite more.


How buying IMDb ratings can make your life easier

How buying IMDb ratings can make your life easier

BuyCheapestFollowers is a Social Media Marketing company. Our products and services are designed to make your social media campaign simpler and more effective. We dedicate all of our resources and time to better understanding and analyzing the market to help our clients succeed in their online endeavors.

We recommend you use our services and buy IMDb ratings to make your movie/TV show a superhit blockbuster. There are a lot of reasons why;


  • With our products come our great services. We can help you with your doubts and problems in a personalized way. When you purchase ratings for IMDb from us, you also get years worth of experience along with it. Feel free to contact us.
  • A viewer's mind has a positive psychological impact when they see a higher rating on any movie/TV show’s IMDb page.
  • A few days after the release is the most important in determining whether a movie/TV show will succeed. At this crucial time, when everyone is trying to figure out whether they want to watch your movie/TV show or not, a high rating on the IMDb page will nudge most people towards a yes.
  • You most likely wouldn't be alone when you release your movie/TV show. There will be many new releases alongside yours. People will have options. A great IMDb rating will put your movie/TV show at the top of the audience’s preference list.
  • And yes, the fame and recognition you will get in the film industry will be unparalleled. You can have bigger budgets, better actors, and the best sponsors for your next projects based on the ratings of your current work.


What makes us the best company to buy IMDb Ratings from

What makes us the best company to buy IMDb Ratings from

We lay claims that we are the best company out there to buy IMDb ratings, and our services are unmatched. These claims are not hollow. Our many customers and solid word back them. You might wonder what makes us the best. Find out.


Never seen before Services

Unlike any other big service provider, we provide our customers an option to buy well-distributed ratings ranging from 7-10 stars. This feature has never been seen before. If you buy 400 IMDb ratings from us and select the ‘Mix 7-10 starts’ option, we will equally distribute your ratings between 7,8,9, and 10 stars. Doing so will not only give your movie/ TV show a higher and good rating but will also make them look more genuine and authentic.


Supersonic delivery

Supersonic delivery

Getting your orders delivered is our topmost priority. We guarantee you the fastest delivery of IMDb ratings out there. BuyCheapestFollowers is more than equipped to handle large-scale orders backed up with huge manpower. We understand what time is worth in this fast-moving world. We won’t accept our clients are waiting and losing their valuable time.


IMDb ratings that cost next to nothing

Competitive prices are our billboard feature. It is one of the main reasons why our customers love us. We believe money should not be the factor withholding you from your goals. To give this freedom to our customers, we have kept our prices minimal. You can buy as many IMDb ratings as you want without thinking twice. We are here for you.


Real and genuine IMDb Ratings

Real IMDb Ratings

If you ask us what one word defines our products, the answer will be ‘authentic.’ We only provide our clients with the most genuine IMDb ratings. We do not work with bots or fake ratings. We even discourage such activities. Your IMDb ratings will come from one hundred percent real and authentic accounts. If you buy IMDb ratings from BuyCheapestFollowers, you are completely safe and secure.


Most competent staff

Here at BuyCheapestFollowers, we have nurtured our employees to be the best version of themselves. They are so hardworking and determined that they are constantly working to make the customer experience better. Our staff understands the market well and comes up with the best strategies to help our customers.


Exclusive 1-year Re-fill Guarantee

Exclusive 1-year Re-fill Guarantee

To make it easy for our customers to trust us, we give a re-fill guarantee for one year. Yes, that’s right. Everyone knows that something unfortunate can happen at any given point in time. We don’t want our customers to be a victim of this. We provide this guarantee to cover you extensively and avoid any future mishaps.

If your movie/TV shows ratings start to drop (that we provided), send us a message, and we will replenish the difference amount, no questions asked. You can contact us anywhere, by email, live chat, or website.


24/7 customer support

Our customer care executives work 24/7 to help you out whenever possible. Just drop a question and find out for yourself. They will help you out will all of your questions and doubts. You can even contact them for general advice regarding social media growth. You will be quickly connected with one of our experts. How amazing is that!


Find out how to gain more ratings on IMDb naturally- Three simple ways!

Find out how to gain more ratings on IMDb naturally- Three simple ways!

Have you recently finished your movie/TV show? Are you nervous about how it will perform? Then stop worrying. You have come to the right place. With years of experience and presence in the market, we have come up with the best strategies and tips that you can use to boost start your film/TV show without purchasing IMDb ratings.


Add an Incentive

To make most of the audience that watches your movie/TV show go ahead and rate it on IMDb, you need to add an incentive for them to do so. There are many ways you can do this.

The first thing that comes to mind is to host a contest after the release where you can give away free goodies and merchandise to a few lucky viewers who have rated the movie on IMDb.

Doing so will motivate viewers to rate your movie/TV show on IMDb. This way, you can maximize the number of people rating the movie/TV show. A psychological benefit is also there. Being excited about receiving free goodies and merch, people will most likely rate your movie higher than they usually would.


Call to action

Call to action

At the end of the movie or an episode, make sure to put up a banner asking the audience to go and rate the movie/TV show. The strategy of call to action is pretty useful and effective. This is not limited to the end of the movie/episode. You can also do the same thing with posters, trailers, and tickets.

Phrasing the call to action as a request is also important. It would be best if you were kind to achieve this goal successfully. Make it so that it seems more like a request than an order. Make it as concise and easy to understand as possible. You don’t want to confuse your audience.


Curate a beautiful IMDb page

Driving people to your IMDb page is as much important as convincing people to rate. You can achieve this with very little effort. First, you need to invest time and curate a beautiful IMDb page with a high SEO value so that if someone searches for information about you or your content, they will be directed to your IMDb page.

As more and more people start to land on your IMDb page, the chances of them rating your content grow. You should add beautiful pictures, write good passages and give viewers some information/updates they can only find on your IMDb page. Doing so can help you immensely. Take your time and devise a good strategy to get the maximum number of viewers to rate your content on IMDb.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions Buy IMDb Ratings

Is it safe for me to buy IMDb ratings?

Absolutely yes. It is completely safe and secure to purchase ratings for IMDb on BuyCheapestFollowers. We provide our customers with real and authentic ratings which does not violates and guidelines or policies of IMDb. Furthermore, our website is SSL-encrypted which makes it impossible for anyone to steal data from us. You cannot get in trouble with IMDb by buying IMDb ratings from us. We do not engage with bots or other technical tricks. That’s why you won’t get banned or blocked from IMDb either. That’s a guarantee.

The moment we receive an order form you, we deploy a team of experts to initiate the delivery. We are highly competent and capable to handle large scale orders. You won’t have to wait long to get the delivery. It will be done before you know it. The fastest delivery is guaranteed here, at BuyCheapestFollowers. Try and see for yourself.

By buying IMDb ratings, you are giving a much-needed boost to your movie/TV show. Having a decent rating, will convince more and more people to watch your content. Great rating on IMDb is essential for any movie/TV show’s success.

Definitely yes. There is no automation. All of our products and services are manual. Over the years we have developed an extensive network of IMDb accounts, which are real and working. We employ these, to provide you with 100% genuine IMDb ratings.

Essentially, the mixed 7-10 ratings is a package which provides you with a combination of ratings ranging from seven to ten stars. Let’s say you purchase a package with 400 ratings. We will distribute these ratings amongst 7, 8, 9 and 10 stars equally. This makes them look more genuine.

Unquestionably yes. The ratings that we provide will work for any movie/TV show without a doubt. Our product is compatible throughout the IMDb library.

This never happens. We make sure that everything goes well. But in the unfortunate event where your IMDb votes will drop, we have got you covered. Just send us a message and we will re-fill the difference amount no questions asked. That’s a promise.

You can, but it will take you a long time. Gaining enough IMDb ratings that they actually become beneficial is a stressful job. You’ll have many things to worry about and take care of alongside this. That’s why we take over this hectic task for you by providing you 100% real and genuine IMDb ratings.

This is a very easy process. Just follow these steps; Visit our website and go over to IMDb section. Select IMDb ratings option. Alternative, use this link. Here you will be presented with a lot of packages to choose from. Select the one that suits you right. Select what stars you want. You can select from 5 to 10 stars. Also, we have an option mix 7-10 stars.

IMDb ratings are essentially an average of votes casted by the users on released titles in the library between 1-10 stars. It gives you an idea about how many users liked/disliked a movie. You can make an informed decision about watching that movie/TV show yourself.

Doubtlessly yes. You can trust an IMDb rating about the quality of a movie/TV show. This is because of the method that IMDb employs to generate a rating. It is very accurate and extensive.

Absolutely not. We believe in data privacy and do not ask for a user’s sensitive information. All we need is the data which you can publicly share, such as username or profile link. No passwords or attached email addresses are required for us to successfully complete the delivery.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or our live chat. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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You will be able to see the first results coming in after a short period.

Through these four simple steps, you will potentially skyrocket your online presence!

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