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Our brandnew Instagram Likes subscription service will make sure, that all your future posts on your Instagram account get likes, without you having to purchase them all the time when you post. What we do is to add your Instagram account to our server which will then do a check every 10 minutes and detect any new posts made by you. Once a new post is detected, the system will send automatically (within 10 minutes) the purchased amount of likes to your new post. To order this genius handsfree autolikes service, just purchase the quantity of likes and the duration of days package of your choice, after that enter your Instagram username and the starting date for it.

THAT’S ALL ! For a quick example, lets say you choosing the 15 days subscription package meaning that for 15 days we will send you the specified quantity of likes per post, no matter how many posts are made in the 15 days (up to 3 postings per 24 hours).

By the way, please also consider our reduced prices for 45 and 60-day subscriptions.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact our support-team via live-chat. We are available daily from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm (GMT). You can start the live-chat at any time by clicking on the yellow chat icon at the right bottom of our website.


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