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Points Price USD Bonus Promotions
2,000 $10.99 - -
6,000 $21.99 S
9,000 $32.99 M
17,500 $54.99 L
37,500 $109.99 X
80,000 $219.99 XL
125,000 $329.99 XXL
260,000 $659.99 3XL
      • The likes and followers will delievered within a few minutes
      • Personal access anytime available 7/24
      • No login credentials needed!

After a long developing phase, we are now proudly introducing our brand new V.I.P. Instagram access. It is unique in the world and is offered only by us. The big advantage with the V.I.P. access is that it allows you to freely determine when and how many Followers, Likes, Video Views and self-written comments to send to any profile or photo. You have a "round the clock" access to your personal V.I.P. access, that means that you can retrieve 24/7 your desired number of followers, likes, video views or comments comfortably within a few minutes.

The order is done automatically via our website. (Just click on the icon V.I.P. with the camera)

To log in, you will get an e-mail from us, with your username and the corresponding password. The operation is made as simple as possible, with only 2 clicks you will be retrieving your followers, likes, video views or comments. You can easily change your username and password under your personal settings at any time. If you still have questions, we are happy to welcome you in our Livechat at anytime.

Of course, we do not need your personal Instagram password, nor we need your Instagram E-Mail address. We also know too well that there are several APP’s, where you need to login with your Instagram username and password. This is not advisable because that gives the app complete access to your profile. Daily we are having dozens of customers who have lost their profile forever, due to the usage of such promising APP’S.


100 points equals 100 Likes, 100 Video Views, 50 High Quality Followers or 2 self written comments.

The minimum order quantity should always be above 25, so the entered quantity should always have a minimum of 25 followers, likes or video views. The minimum order quantity for self written comments should always be above 5.

The "XS" package with 7.000 points only costs 27.99 USD. It is advisable however to buy any larger package, because in that case you will get more points with each bonus. That therefore means that larger packages pay out more for you. (Our "XXL" package includes a bonus of 25%, this converts to 130,000 points and are therefore of interest for more frequent users)

Our V.I.P. offer is ideal if you want to promote your profile with an equal amount of followers, likes, video views or comments and do not want to attract attention at all!! Your points can be redeemed for any Instagram profile (subscribers) or Instagram image (Likes) of your choice.

In general, the points are valid Lifetime and do not need to be redeemed by a certain data, nor do they expire. Thereby you have no time pressure and can take as much time as you want.

This is NOT a subscription or similar, you can always decide for yourself whether you want to continue or not. You have absolutely no obligations. (As in the all our offers).

That’s always very important for us to mention, as we do not like subscriptions ourselves.

After you completed your order, you will receive within 24 hours an E-Mail with your username plus password and a small introduction to the operation of our V.I.P. access. After this you can immediately start to get your followers, likes, video views and comments as well.

News from the 3rd of April 2018

– now you can book Story Views and Live Video Views in the VIP –

We are aware that especially those two are time sensitive services, as every minute counts. Our customers want to receive their Views immediately after the purchase and do not want to wait for it. This is now possible with the help of VIP. Both services will from now on only take approximately 5 minutes to be processed. Additionally, this service is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year.

The purchased Live Video Views will watch for 60 minutes your live video. Hereby, 100 VIP points equal to 25 Live Video Viewers or 100 Story Views.


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