Points Price USD Bonus Promotions
600 $4.99 XS
1,350 $9.99 S
3,000 $19.99 M
6,500 $39.99 L
13,500 $79.99 X
28,000 $159.99 XL
60,000 $299.99 2XL
130,000 $599.99 3XL
      • The likes and followers will delievered within a few minutes
      • Personal access anytime available 7/24
      • No login credentials needed!

Instagram_logo_2016.png (42 KB)VIP access the true key to success on Instagram ! Our instagram VIP access is unique in the world and we’re the only ones to offer it in this form. The huge advantage of the VIP service is that you decide for yourself when and how many Likes, Followers, Views etc. you would like to retrieve



tiktok-logo.png (20 KB)NEWS 2021! You can order TikTok Services with our VIP Login now.

From now on we offer all of our VIP users the opportunity to request any TikTok Service.


Following TikTok Services are now available in the VIP section:


Followers | Likes | Views | Comments | Live Viewers | Shares


Just like with Instagram services, the order process for TikTok services is completely automated in the VIP Area. That means every order will be fulfilled immediately and delivered within a short time period.


Why should I buy TikTok / Instagram Services in the VIP Area?


  • The VIP Area has the advantage that it processes every order immediately at any time. The whole order process is fully automated. Therefore, it only takes a few minutes until the delivery of the service.
  • Furthermore, you will save time with our “Click and Go system”. With the help of this, you do not need the standard single orders in our shop anymore. That saves you a lot of time, as there is no manual confirmation required anymore. The creation of an order and the payment confirmation are completely obsolete within the VIP Area.
  • Additionally, most of the services offered in the VIP Area are generally cheaper than a single order within our shop.


With VIP, we offer our customers a “round the clock” access to all Instagram services. VIP is therefore always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, any waiting period for the implementation of an order is eliminated, since the delivery takes place within a few moments.


Incidentally, it is also possible for the same profile to retrieve multiple services at the same time, e.g. Likes / Followers / Views. Also smaller quantities from 25, as well as self-written comments are bookable.




We currently offer the following Instagram services in the VIP area:

Just enter the desired order. With help of VIP, your order will be delivered within minutes.

 20943901.png (128 KB)

icon1-1.png (3 KB)Followers
icon2.png (3 KB) Female followers
icon3.png (3 KB) Likes
icon3.png (3 KB) Slow likes
icon2.png (3 KB) Female Likes
icon4.png (3 KB) Country-specific likes (USA, Germany, France, Spain)
icon3.png (3 KB) Power Likes
icon5.png (3 KB) Video Views
icon6.png (3 KB) Story Views
icon7.png (3 KB) Impressions
icon8.png (3 KB) Saves
icon7.png (3 KB) IGTV Views
icon3.png (3 KB) IGTV Likes
icon7.png (3 KB) Live video viewers
icon9.png (3 KB) Self-written comments









If you are not yet a VIP customer, we ask you to pre-select your desired points package and complete the purchase at the checkout. After successful payment, you will receive your personal access with username / password and a introduction to the operation via email within a very short time. After receiving the confirmation email, the VIP is activated and you can immediately call up your desired Instagram services yourself.


Incidentally, the user name and password can be changed at any time under "Settings".


The order entry in both the VIP Portal as well as via WhatsApp text message is very easy. With just 2 clicks or a single WhatsApp text message, retrieving Instagram services such as Followers / Likes / Video Views etc. can be done. If you have further questions, our support staff will always be available for you in live chat.

For all social media services or IG services that we offer both in the Webshop and in the VIP we NEVER need your personal Instagram password. We know only too well that there are dozens of APPs where you have to log in with your IG profile name and password. We strongly advise against such providers, as these APPs get complete access to your profile. WE NEED NO SUCH SENSITIVE DATA !





Order starts immediately

Always available

Book Instagram services with 2 clicks

Update 2021: Tiktok Followers / Likes
Views Also Available!

Less Quantities can be ordered
(starting @ 10 followers, likes, views, etc.)

No subscription or something similar

Instagram password is NOT required

Purchased points don’t expire





VIP runs with a points system. Points Required Table for each Service:


Services Points Required MIN / MAX per single order
⚥ Followers 1

10 / 5000

⚥ USA Followers 4

20 / 1000

⚥ Cheap Followers 0.7

10 / 10000

♀ Female Followers 3

10 / 10000

Male Followers 3

10 / 5000

❤ Likes 1

10 / 10000

❤ Cheap Likes 0.5

10 / 10000

Slow Likes 1❤ / min. 1

10 / 10000

❤ Instant Likes 1

10 / 5000

❤ Power Likes 1.5

50 / 5000

❤ Female Likes 2.5

20 / 5000

❤ IG TV Likes 0.5

10 / 10000

US Likes 3

10 / 5000

▶ Reels Views 0.2

100 / 10000

❤ Reels Likes 0.5

10 / 10000

◥ Reels Shares 0.25

100 / 50000

▶ Video Views 0.2

100 / 10000

▶ IG TV Views 0.15

100 / 10000

Story Views 0.2

10 / 10000

✉ Comments 7.5

2 / 100

Male Comments 20

2 / 100

Profile Visits 0.15

10 / 100000

Saves 0.1

25 / 10000

◥ Shares Post 0.25

10 / 10000

Reach Impressions 0.2

10 / 50000

IG Live Views 60min 5

10 / 5000

TikTok Followers 1.5

10 / 10000

TikTok Likes 0.75

10 / 5000

TikTok Views 0.04

100 / 100000

TikTok Shares 1

50 / 10000

TikTok Saves 0.15

10 / 10000

Tiktok Live Views 60min 10

10 / 5000


The entry-level package XS with 1,350 credits is already available for $9.99. However, it is advisable to book a next larger package, because these include more FREE credits. Thus, the next larger package pays off in any case.


The credits earned can be redeemed for any arbitrary Instagram profile or post. In general, all points are lifetime valid and do not expire on a specific date.

There is no time pressure for redeeming the points.


In addition, the VIP access is NOT a subscription or the like. Our customers always decide for themselves if new credits are to be bought or not.

There are no obligations to purchase follow-up credits or other services. (By the way, this applies to all our offers)


Should you require further assistance or have questions about our Instagram VIP access or other social media services, please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or live chat.




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