Hide Comments During IG Livestream

When you're watching Instagram Live, here is a way to hide your comments.


If you're making a live video, you have complete control about whether or not your viewers can leave live feedback, and you can toggle between the two modes at any time during the broadcast.


How to Hide Comments on a Live Video


Here's how to keep people from leaving comments on your Instagram Live video:

    1. 1. Open the Instagram app and then go to the Stories camera screen to start a live stream.


    1. 2. Tap the three dots to the right of the chat window as soon as the video begins.


    1. 3. Choose Turn Off Comments from the drop-down menu.



Here's how the screenshots appear:


How to Hide Comments on a Live Video


How to Hide Comments on a Live Video


Users won't be able to leave comments on your video if you do this. Argh! If you want to enable them during the live stream, you could always do so in the same video.

You can also see the same steps in this video:



Re-enable live video comments


You can still reactivate the comments:


  1. 1. In the chat window, tap the same three dots.


  1. 2. Turn on the commenting option.


How to Hide Comments on a Live Video



During the live stream, this will turn the comments back on.


When viewing Instagram Live, keep comments hidden.


It was once possible to conceal comments when viewing an Instagram Live stream, but this function has since been removed.

It means you won't be able to hide comments when watching someone else's live video on Instagram anymore.

However, if you'd like to watch the live stream from your computer, you can still do it.


Simply install a Chrome extension.


As previously mentioned, you cannot hide comments when watching Live on an Android or iOS device, but you can do so on a PC or Mac.

What if you missed the live video when it was occurring and are now watching it in the Stories section? You may have guessed that clicking on the screen this time would not delete the feedback, but it will shift the video forward or backward by 15 seconds.

Well, this is not the first time and is definitely not going to be the last when a Chrome extension saves the day.

This isn't the first time, and it won't be the last that a Chrome extension comes to the rescue.

So, if you don't yet have Chrome installed on your screen, do so now.


  1. 1. Add IG Stories to the Instagram Chrome extension once you've got it.


  1. 2. Sign in to your Instagram account by going to the website. If you were already logged in, reload the tab


  1. 3. As seen in the screenshot below, you can now see all Instagram Lives from your followers that are happening in real-time labeled as Live, as well as other live videos that are uploaded to stories labeled with a YouTube-like icon accessible at the top of the stories tray. A new tab will open when you click on the one you want to see.



How to Hide Comments on a Live Video



  • As soon as the Live stream begins, you'll see the ability to Hide comments on the right-hand side. Choose it, and all of the feedback and emojis will vanish.



How to Hide Comments on a Live Video
  • Simply tap on Show comments to return back to the comments, and that's all there is to it.


How to Hide Comments on a Live Video



The benefit of this extension is that you really can view the Live stream while listening to the audios and watching the videos at the same time.

To prevent you from getting sidetracked, Instagram Live will function without any comments in the new window. You can't conceal comments from Instagram live from the app right now. This process, on the other hand, allows you to do it from a screen, and it is unquestionably the best shot you have right now.


Why Would I Want To Hide Or Disable Comments?


There used to be a period when Instagrammers could only upload photos to their accounts, and that was sufficient to keep everyone satisfied.  Soon enough, videos were also a thing on Instagram. Initially, there was Instagram Live, which allowed users to stream videos and view them as they happened. Of course, videos are now available in less than 24 hours. These videos are appropriately dubbed Instagram stories after the first live video stream.

People (followers and other Instagram users) can now give feedback on Instagram live and Instagram stories, which are now called daily Instagram posts. And, just as with daily posts, you can receive intrusive feedback on your videos – we know how aggravating that can be. When it comes to Instagram live, having messages pop up on the screen can be very irritating (and also annoying, we know). So, for all of these reasons and more, we have shown you how to hide comments on Instagram videos in this article.





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