How to become a YouTube Partner?


YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, and it has been for some time now. Many people go to YouTube to watch videos that other creators have made possible, and there are people who use YouTube as creators. Whether you are using YouTube as a creator or a consumer, it is quite imperative to be a user in this time and age. So, of course, it is worth questioning if you’re not part of it yet.


YouTube partnerships are businesses that can monetize their content through ad revenue sharing. That means if you make a video about your business, you can share revenue with YouTube and get paid every time someone watches it. That’s a great way to monetize your content while staying true to who you are!


If you have an audience that loves what you do and want more from you, this is a great way to grow your brand without spending money on ads. Plus, it’s easy! Just upload your videos, set up an account, and get started. In essence, we are saying that this is the perfect time to be a YouTube partner.

As a YouTube partner, you'll be able to:

Schedule your videos for release at the time of your choosing (previously, this was done by YouTube)


Schedule your videos for release at the time of your choosing (previously, this was done by YouTube)


If you love to be in control of things especially the time your content gets to be released, being a YouTube partner may be the best bet. Being able to schedule your videos for release at a time of your choosing is not something everyone enjoys. It was not a liberty YouTube users or partners enjoyed in the past. But being a YouTube partner in this time and age gives you this leverage, and if you ask us, it is a benefit worth jumping at!


Receive all revenue from ad revenue from your videos


Getting paid through YouTube takes a lot of work. You may need to engage in some rigorous marketing strategies. Some people buy YouTube watch time, and others buy YouTube subscribers to ensure that they rank high as YouTube creators. While these marketing strategies are essential, they do not guarantee automatic revenue. This is why you must cross all Ts if you want to earn income from being a creator on YouTube. Right now, being a YouTube partner is one of the things you need to do to ensure you earn more.


It is known among other creators that being a YouTube partner gives you an edge in many ways, and especially helps you earn ad revenue. This is the ultimate goal!


Increase the number of hours you're allowed to have ads on your channel


YouTube Ads are instrumental in helping you earn an income. As a YouTube creator, you should know that you get a better chance to earn from your YouTube channel when you are allowed to advertise for brands in the middle of your videos.


If you operate as an average YouTube creator, you may not get enough ad time to get you the revenue that you desire per post. However, being a YouTube partner changes the story. As a YouTube partner, you not only get the chance to decide your video schedule, but you also get to enjoy an increase in the hours you are allowed to have ads on your channel. If it is true that revenue comes from ads, you already know this means more revenue for you. This is a big deal! 

Have access to tools for managing content and advertising in the YouTube Partner Center


As a YouTube creator, you would be as effective as the quality of the tools you have access to. This is why you are often advised to buy YouTube Watch Time or buy YouTube Subscribers from reliable a source. Believe it or not, doing either or both of these will always serve as important tools for marketing. And, of course, there are other tools that you need to be able to access which may be impossible to do if you are not a YouTube partner. This is why it is important to become one as soon as you can. The earlier you do this, the sooner you can begin to have access to all the tools that matter, and in turn, get closer to your goals as a YouTube creator.


From all indications, becoming a YouTube partner is a great aspiration to have. When you create your own YouTube channel, you will be able to help promote other smaller channels and earn some money through the advertisements that appear on your videos. It's a fantastic way to get paid for sharing your favorite videos with the world.


Have you ever wondered how to become a YouTube Partner? If so, you are not alone. Many people wonder just how this video-sharing site works, and even though the process of becoming a partner is quite simple, there are still many things that can make it harder for you.

How to Become a YouTube Partner?


How to Become a YouTube Partner?


This guide will explain to you how to become a YouTube partner. And, of course, the first thing is that you need to have some kind of connection with the YouTube community to do this in any serious way. This means you will have to put some effort into finding these communities or building your own. There are other ways to become a YouTube Partner. And yes, some of these ways have been mentioned below:


Be eligible


If you want to become a YouTube partner, you'll need to have a few things in place. First, you need to make sure that you're eligible for a partnership. YouTube partners are those who earn revenue from advertisements on their channels and also have an audience. You can check this out by visiting your channel's page on the video platform's site.


It is also important that you have never had to be banned on the account you would like to use as a partner. In addition, having more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months is as important as having a minimum of 1000 subscribers. You also need to have an AdSense account. Do you have all of these? Then you are eligible to be a partner. However, that is not all there is to it! Once you're done with that, it's time to do the following to pose as a potential partner.


Be an active user on YouTube


We know that you have had to be an active user on YouTube to gather that amount of watch time, and the number of subscribers. Nevertheless, this is the time for more! So, you should not shy away from being an active user on YouTube now that you desire to become a YouTube partner.

Watch, comment, and share videos regularly


Watch, comment, and share videos regularly


Part of being an active user of YouTube is that you branch out of your personal YouTube account sometimes. While the crux of being active for partnership remains that you continue to actively create, you can also be active by engaging other creative content. Dropping comments under peoples’ videos, and sharing videos that resonate with you.


Subscribe to Channels


In addition to watching other people’s content, dropping a few comments, and sharing, it is also important that you are a subscriber. Subscribe to other YouTube channels that you can relate to as soon as you can. Use the YouTube Analytics Tool to find other people's content you might like (and subscribe to them)


Join the YouTube Partner Program


When you join the partner program, you get a better chance of becoming a partner than using any other ethos. And asides that, you also get creator support teams. Copyright match tool and monetization features. There are too many benefits attached to joining a YouTube partner program for you to ignore. So, you should certainly not ignore it.

Promote YouTube videos on your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)


Promote YouTube videos on your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)


Becoming a YouTube partner is great but the path to achieving such greatness is tasking, and rightly so. One of the things you must achieve before you become a partner is a popularity and respect as a YouTube creator. To become a household name on YouTube, there are a few things you should do. Of course, you should buy YouTube watch time or buy YouTube subscribers to grow your account. You do not need to stop at that, you also need to promote your videos on other social media accounts. This is a great way to increase subscribers and watch time too. Also, you should upload videos of yourself creating content you're proud of, or that you think your audience will enjoy (e.g., video blogging)


Come up with creative ways to promote your channel and earn revenue from it by offering sponsorship deals or other revenue-sharing opportunities with other content creators. You should also find a way to get more views on your channel by working with YouTube influencers who have large followings to promote your channel through their channels


Bottom line


Each of these steps is a simple one, and the process of executing it should be straightforward. Simply get started with some great content, keep your videos relevant and interesting, and work on driving traffic to your channel through a combination of searches, shares, views, and other methods. And if you follow these steps diligently, you'll make it not only easier for Google to rank your channel highly in search results but also for people to find the content you're posting.


If you're creative enough, make enough good content, build a large enough audience, gather powerful and convincing supporters to back your cause, and make them publicly known, then you'll most likely succeed in becoming a YouTube partner.


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