How to Change your Background Color On Instagram Stories?


Instagram is a social platform for sharing personal photos and videos. Instagram users can also post blogs and conduct promotions for businesses that require an online presence. Of course, Instagram allows you to use different types of promotional strategies to boost your sales and audience. If you are familiar with these strategies, you probably know that buying Instagram Story Views is one of the best ways to put your product out there on Instagram.


If you care about your brand and are trying to build an audience through these promotional posts, changing the default photo might also be a worthwhile venture. It'll make you stand out from the crowd of users that default to the same background color.

Being able to change your background color on Instagram, gives you an edge over your peers. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy if you can change your background color on Instagram:


Shows off your Creativity


A creative mind is attractive to everyone. So, if people around you, or intending customers perceive that you are a creative person, they would patronize you more. and, yes, being able to change your background color on Instagram qualifies as being creative.


If it is something you can do, and have put into practice, you will attract the people that matter across the world.


Get more Clicks


You draw the interest of the people that matter when you buy Instagram impressions. And another opportunity to get the attention of people that matter is when you engage in the change of their Instagram background color. In essence, only a few strategies get you clicks on your posts and pictures, and, the ability to change your background picture is one of those.


Get more Sales


As a sales rep, social media, or brand owner on Instagram, the goal is always to reach the audience that matter, and, begin to make huge sales. If you do not know anything, you know that you get to enjoy high-rate sales when you buy Instagram Impressions. You also get to make more sales when you can change your background color on Instagram.


Changing the background color of an Instagram post is quite popular among business owners. But despite its popularity, many users don't know how to change the background color of their profile image or comment feed. You do not have to be one of them. If you do not know how to change your background color on Instagram right now, you can learn from the guidelines below:

How to Change Your Instagram Story Background Color If it Has Image or Video


How to Change Your Instagram Story Background Color If it Has Image or Video


The approach here may not be the simplest. Nevertheless, you would be glad you followed through if you can work with the guidelines below:


Open Instagram and Tap Your Story


Log into your account as soon as you decide that you want to change the background color on your Instagram story. Since your focus is on the pictures or videos of stories, the next place to go after you get access to your account is your story. Tap your story and select the photo or video that you would like to have on your Instagram story.


Tap the Three-Dot Icon


Now that you have tapped the story, chosen the video, and pictures that you like, you would see different icons at the top right corner of your phone, pick the three-dot icon, and select “Draw” from the options that you will be given.


Go to Toolbar


Selecting “Draw” means that you will be taken to the toolbars. From the toolbars, the goal is to pick the tool that looks like a pencil tip and get ready to start using the colors. As soon as you pick the pencil, you would be given options of different colors. Pick the color that you feel is most suitable for the picture or video that you want to upload.


Tap and hold your finger


Now, this may be a bit tricky because not everyone can hold the screen as they should.  But, if you desire strongly to see your background change color on Instagram, you would be able to do this! Just to be clear, you will be tapping and holding your finger anywhere on the screen, and waiting until the entire screen changes to the color that you chose.


Turn on the eraser


To complete the process of changing the background color on your Instagram story, you would need to tap on the right-most option in the top toolbar. When you do this, you can then wipe away the color covering the photo or video. To successfully wipe the color away, you would need to go slow and tap the undo button.

How to use Create a Tool to Change your Instagram Story Background Color


How to use Create a Tool to Change your Instagram Story Background Color


Sometimes, you need to explore using tools, and other strategies to change your background color on Instagram. If you are up for exploring, you should do the following:


Open your Instagram App


Being connected to your Instagram account is something you cannot afford to miss if you want to do something tangible with the colors.  So, opening your account is the first step you take when you desire to use this tool. You would need to click on the Aa Create option on the left after you turn on the camera.


Pick your Template


Clicking on Aa Create brings up more options, part of which you would find different templates for your Instagram story. If you like one or a few, click on your choice, and also click on the bubble that will be in the bottom-right corner.


Fill out the Template


Of course, the templates you would be picking from come in different colors. Picking one means you have chosen the background color for your Instagram story. After this has been done, you can fill out the template with words, stockers, and pictures of your choice.





Instagram is a lot more fun with color. And, your page will attract customers faster if you would be creative with the colors, emoticons, pictures, and captions. If you have tried different means ranging from buying Instagram Impressions, to using hashtags just to attract an audience, and you are not satisfied yet, then it may be the right time to venture into other methods.


Using a different color for your Instagram story background surely tends to attract the right type of people. And for people who want to make a bolder statement with their app, this can be seen as a perfect fit for their quest. So, we see no reason why you should not experiment with colors on your Instagram story.


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