How to Change Your Reddit Username


Reddit is one of the most popular social media websites in the world. A lot of people know it as a place where they can post links, images, and videos. But, it is more than that. While we cannot deny that this American social news content rating website allows its members to submit content like links, text posts, images, and videos to the site, we cannot ignore the fact that Reddit also encourages members of the site to vote the content up or down.


As Reddit users post on the site, the administrators of the site organize the posts into subreddits. If a post gets enough upvotes, it starts to rank high on the subreddit. As a member of the Reddit site whose business depends on the rank of their post, you must set up your account in a way that makes you notable. In the past, business owners have been advised to buy Reddit Followers if they want to earn votes and gain the attention of the people that matter. Of course, this has worked for many people.


To ensure that you are one of the notable accounts, it is also important that you cross all Ts and dot all Is. You can start this by changing your username if it was randomly assigned to you. You want to ensure that your Reddit username is self-assigned and permanent. To change the username, you can either use your desktop or your mobile.

How to Change Reddit Username on Desktop


How to Change Reddit Username on Desktop

To change your Reddit username when you use your computer, you must follow these guidelines:


Open a Web Browser


It is no news that there are different types of web browsers. We have Chrome, which is one of the most popular. We also have Firefox, and opera among others. Choose any of these web browsers and go to the Reddit homepage.


Click on the Dropdown Arrow


Now that you have access to the Reddit homepage, you must get to work as soon as you can. Click on the dropdown arrow in the top right corner of your homepage and pick your profile from the list of things you will be shown.


Click on Change Username


When you go to your profile, you will be shown a pop-up asking if you would like to change your username. Since that is the goal, you should click on change username quickly.


Enter New Username


Now that you have clicked on change username, it is time to type in a username of your choice. You must ensure that the username has 3 to 23 characters. Anything less than three or more than 23 will not be acceptable. After entering the username of your choice, you can continue.


Save Username


After entering the username of your choice, you must pay attention to the red text underneath the textbox. You will get to know if it has been accepted from here. If Reddit accepts your username, you will be asked if you are sure you want to keep it, confirm that you will like to keep it, and save it.


Now that you have saved the username, and it is self-assigned, rest assured that you can never change the username again. You can only open another account if this account no longer serves you.

How to Change Reddit Username on Mobile


How to Change Reddit Username on Mobile


If you have access to your phone and would like to change your Reddit username on your mobile, you can follow the steps below:


Open the Reddit App


If you have been using Reddit with the randomly assigned username, you probably have the app on your mobile. It doesn’t matter if you are using an android phone or iOS, you get to access the app the same way.


Tap the Profile Icon


After getting access to the Reddit app, you need to go straight to your profile. And, of course, this has been made easy for you through the profile icon. Click on the profile icon, and you will be exposed to more options to pick from.


Select my Profile


From the list of account options that Reddit will show you, you should select “my profile” and wait for the next thing to do.


Change username


Selecting “my profile” means that you receive a pop-up on your mobile screen asking if you would like to change your Reddit username. Since you want to change your Reddit username, you should confirm this.


Enter the new username


Now that you have been permitted to change your username, you should enter the new username as soon as you can. Of course, the same principle applies to usernames across all devices. So, you need to ensure that the username carried 3 to 23 characters (which involves letters, numbers, and symbols). This implies that your username cannot be less than three characters or more than 23 characters. To learn more about the criteria of your username, you need to pay attention to the red text above the profile. Once you have done everything acceptable concerning your Reddit username, you should tap on next in the top right corner.


Save Username


Since you are changing the username yourself this time, you must know that whatever name you choose now cannot be changed forever. Reddit is also aware so the site will ask if you are sure about the username and if you want to keep it. If it is a name you are satisfied with, you have no choice but to confirm this. You can now save your Reddit username after you have confirmed that this is the username you want.

Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Congratulations! That's all there is to change your username on Reddit on a desktop and mobile phone. As stated earlier, a self–assigned username represents permanence. You can no longer change your username to improve anything after you have done it this time. If there is a need to improve visibility, you could buy Reddit Upvotes but never think that you can change your username whenever you like.


This isn't an exact science, and it may take a few guesses before you figure out the perfect username. Just keep in mind the tips above, and you'll change your Reddit username in no time—and probably stand a much better chance of finding success once you do.


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