How to Change your Username on Spotify?


Spotify has become a popular, free way to listen to music. It is also a social platform where you can connect with your friends and share music


Essentially, Spotify is an amazing music service. And like any great thing, it has many great features that make it outstanding among other music apps. One of the biggest and most unique features of Spotify is that your username can be changed.

Have you ever tried to change your username on Spotify, but gave up because it took too long and you didn't think it would work? Then this tutorial is for you!


Spotify has an interesting policy. If you are a musician using Spotify, you know that you can buy Spotify Plays or buy Spotify Followers from trusted sources without losing your account. Another one of Spotify’s interesting policies is the fact that they let you change your username, and contrary to popular opinion, changing your name on Spotify is pretty easy.


There is more than one way to change your username on Spotify. Having the option is easy. So, there is enough to be grateful for. So, let’s get into it!

The Guide to Changing Your Username on Spotify


The Guide to Changing Your Username on Spotify


This is one of the best ways to change your username on Spotify. The process has been tested over time, and there is no doubt that it is one of the simplest ways to change your name on Spotify. For clarity, here are the procedures to follow to ensure that you change your Spotify username:


Open the Spotify App


Yes, you mustn't forget that performing any operation on Spotify without logging into your Spotify account is unrealistic. So, you would need to open that app on your phone. If you can open it successfully, you have done an ample part of the job.


Of course, opening the Spotify app is the beginning of something great. However, it is not everything yet! To change your username with this method, you would need to click on the settings. Like opening a Spotify app if you need to do anything on it, the “settings” button is also the go-to button for almost everything that has to do with setting things up. So, yes! You are going to the settings after opening the Spotify app. You will find this at the top right corner of the home page.


Select the Social tab

One of the menus on the settings carries the “Social tab” button. You should certainly click on this and then click on connect to Facebook from other menus that doing this will bring for you. Done? That sounds like it! But, you have a few more things to do after you have clicked on connect to Facebook.


Enter your log-in details


Connecting to Facebook implies that you are allowing your Facebook account to run your Spotify account. In a world of meta-technology, this isn’t new. Embracing it would mean you need to log in after the connection with Facebook.


Prepare for the Change after you Log in


Have you logged in successfully? If you have, a big congratulation to you! Your Spotify username will now automatically change to your Facebook name.

Change your Display Name


Change your Display Name


Here is another method to use when you want to change your Spotify username. This is certainly the most popular of the two methods. It is popular not because the first one has any fault but because the first one means that you take your Facebook name. and, of course, not everyone wants their Facebook name on their Spotify display name.


If you are one of these people, this method will work better for you. And yes, it also has its special procedures. You should check them out below:


Open the app


Like you did when you were trying out the first method or when you do other things on Spotify like buy Spotify followers, this method also requires you to open the Spotify app.


Click on the drop-down arrow


If you hope to directly change the display name, then you would need to take a different route. In this case, it means that you click on the “drop-down arrow”. This arrow is beside your profile picture and name so it should be easy to detect for you.


Select Profile


The next thing you need to do after clicking on the “Drop down arrow” is select your profile. Selecting your profile is pretty easy to do so this should not take a long time to do.

Click on the Display Name Button


Click on the Display Name Button


From your profile, you will see the display name at the top. Since the change of Spotify name is about the display name this time, you need to pay attention here. Before clicking on the display name, you should have thought of the best name or the most suitable name.


Enter Your new Username


After going through different options of names, and eventually concluding, the time has now come to put the new display name.


Remember to Save


Entering the display name that you have chosen is a step in the right direction. However, it is not the end of the road. If you truly want to change your Spotify username, you would need to make use of the save button too! In essence, you must not close the app if you have not clicked on save after you have entered the display name of your choice.




The tips above are simple and easy to follow. Being able to change your username is just one of the many benefits which can be gained from using Spotify. Just remember, there are different ways to go about this! One is not better than the other so you have nothing to worry about.


If you are up for a change, you should certainly start on the step—by step procedure as soon as you can. A little adventure has never hurt anyone, so this is not going to hurt you. If anything, it will help you as am artist like buying Spotify plays.


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