How to Create Poll on Facebook


More than half of the population of the world knows about Facebook, and statistics say that over 2 billion people use Facebook. That is a lot of people from the entire population of the world


What this tells us is that Facebook is a great place for a wide audience. So, if you are a marketer or business owner, you probably see Facebook as the number one marketplace, as you should.


It can even be a bigger blessing if your product is online-friendly, and you have the best marketing strategies in place. Sadly, not many people have been able to hack the core marketing strategies of Facebook after all these years. While you can accomplish a lot in gaining an audience when you buy Facebook Followers, for example, you would need to plan your marketing strategies outside what your money can buy. And, of course, a great way to kick off any form of marketing campaign for your product on Facebook is by using a Facebook poll. Wondering what this means? Check below.

Definition of Facebook Poll


Definition of Facebook Poll


A Facebook poll is a special feature on Facebook that has been introduced to ask Facebook users questions and provide multiple-choice format answers. With these multiple-choice format answers, users or interested audiences get to choose the answer they desire anonymously. This way, they are not susceptible to anyone’s judgment.


It is an interesting modern-day Facebook feature that has proven its use over the years. With Facebook polls, brand owners have been able to pick Logos for business, the elements of a product as preferred by the audience.


Using a Facebook poll is a great way to know what is next for any brand owner or market. However, that is just scratching the surface. Twitter polls help with so much more, of which the followings belong:


Amplify Audience


If you make your poll options and questions interesting, and catchy, many people will come around to take the poll. Of course, not all of these people will be interested in buying the products. It is a similar result to what you get when you buy Facebook Friends. We all know that buying Facebook friends does not guarantee immediate sales of your product. It however helps you with an increase in audience.


Likewise, when a good number of people find your poll on Facebook, and vote for their favorite answer, there is a chance that some of these people retweet the poll. The more intriguing it is, the better the chance of this happening. When this happens with not one, or two but a few people, many other people who are not your followers also get to view the poll and vote if they want. this way, your brand is getting more audience.


Get Quick Results


Analyzing the market space before making serious decisions will always be a thing whether you are selling offline or online. And as you may have already imagined, getting people to answer questions about a business is more tasking and more time-consuming.


With a Facebook poll, you would not need to worry about getting late answers. Most people set up a poll for a day, and in some cases two days for a market survey. Trust that these few hours are enough to get the information you need to move forward. And yes, you get your answer as soon as the poll set-up ends.


Much has been said about all the reasons you should consider using Facebook polls, especially for a market survey. And, of course, all that has been said are valid. However, you may never get to bring your dream of creating a Facebook poll to fruition if you do not learn how to create poll on Facebook. Concerning this, you should check out these step-by-step guides on how to create polls on Facebook

Guide on Creating Polls on Facebook


Guide on Creating Polls on Facebook


To start with, you would need to have a Facebook account and/or Facebook page. It is fine if your profile is personal and even better if it is a business page. It just speaks better if you have a business page if you would be using the page for business most of the time. After you have gained access to the Facebook page, you should do the following:


Publish tools


The “publishing tools” icon is a special one, especially for business wieners on Facebook. And of course, you do not need to do too much to gain access to the icon. You would find the Publishing tools as soon as you get started. Click on it, and wait for the next operation.


Create Post


There is every reason to believe that you will be asked to create posts after you have clicked on “publishing tools”


Creating your post is where the real deal lies. But of course, you can do this easily if you have prepared the best questions beforehand. You would find the create post in the upper-right-hand corner of the box. As soon as you are ready to post, you find this bottom and click on it.

Click on the Post Creation tool


Click on the Post Creation tool


At the lower-left corner of this Facebook page, you would find an even more interesting button to engage. This button is called classic post creation. You should click it immediately


Select Poll


The purpose of clicking on the post-creation tool is important because it is that unit that brings you to this stage. At this stage, which is the biggest stage you can ever think of, you will be able to click on the poll and give out interactions.


Find Poll Option


Still in the process of creating a poll, you must focus on giving intriguing questions and options as answers. Choosing the poll options should be ready as soon as possible. And yes, you can now share the poll after you are done with creating the poll on Facebook.


Bottom Line


Most of us are ready to do so much to ensure that our dreams of gathering a large audience on Facebook. And, we cannot fault this logic. Having the right amount of audience is going to help in marketing products.


So while some of us buy Facebook Friends to get a larger audience, and some continuously improve their content, you can rest assured after creating a Facebook poll about your business in the right way. If you can do this, you can expect a favorable result.


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