How to Delete a Facebook Page


Getting to know new friends, and connecting with old friends through Facebook is exciting. It is particularly thrilling when your account is new because you find people you never thought you would meet again, connect with people far away, and explore other people’s profiles almost to the point of obsession.

Undoubtedly, you will find Facebook thrilling as long as you have activities and people that keep you interested. And sometimes, you buy Facebook Likes to increase your profile’s visibility and maintain the frequency of the activities on your Facebook page. However, the thrill hardly lasts a lifetime.

If you have been using Facebook for a decade or two, you should be able to testify that there is a huge gap between the ecstasy you felt when you opened the account, and what you feel now. of course, this does not apply to everyone as some people have only grown to love Facebook more. But if you fall in the category of the people who have grown weary of Facebook because of fewer activities, and familiarity with your Facebook friends, you could buy Facebook Followers so that you have new profiles to explore. You can also make a major decision by deleting the page. Wondering how you can delete a Facebook page without breaking your back, you should check out these steps:

Log in


Log in


Of course, you would need to be active on your Facebook account to carry out any activity on the platform. It is no magic, so you should pick up your computer or mobile as soon as you can do that.

It is even better if you have the Facebook app on your mobile because if you do, then you easily check in and out of the app as you want.


Tap the top right of Facebook


Now that you have logged in, you should prepare to explore all the buttons that you require to delete your Facebook page successfully. You would need to start by clicking on the three horizontal lines that you can find at the top right of my Facebook. Of course, this is far from the end of the journey. However, it is the most important step you will take when you are trying to delete your Facebook age because you get every other direction from clicking these three horizontal lines.


Navigate to your Page


Of course, you want to be sure that you are doing the right thing, and that you won’t be deleting another page that is not yours. This is why the next thing you must do after clicking on these horizontal lines is to go to your Facebook page.


It is also important to go to the exact page you would like to delete because there is a new Facebook feature that lets you run more than one Facebook page on an account. So, you do not want to delete the wrong page. Ensure that you move from Facebook home to the Facebook page that you want to delete.

Check out the settings and Privacy symbol on your page


Check out the settings and Privacy symbol on your page


Whether you are using a computer or mobile, the best place to get most of the answers that relate to anything close to setting things up on your Facebook account or page is by using the setting symbol effectively.


Now that you are sure that you are not on any other person’s page, you want to check out every menu option under settings, and be sure to pick the one that aligns with what you want to do.


From the settings and privacy buttons, you would find other buttons different from general settings. You would likely find other special buttons like Dark mode and privacy shortcuts. Device requests and app language among other things. But since you have no business with any of these, there is no reason to click on them. It is always advisable to stick to the right button.


Tap General Settings


Since deleting your Facebook page is what you hope to achieve, you should tap general settings. From the general settings on your Facebook page, you get to see other options like “remove page” and likes.


Of course, it is important to make yourself an admin of a Facebook page before you get to see options like this. So, you might want to confirm that you are the admin of this page. If you are an admin, you will get an option that says “remove page”. You should click on the remove page as soon as you can.


Delete the page and confirm that you have deleted


Clicking on “delete page” is certainly the last thing that you need to do to complete the process of deleting your Facebook page. Be sure that you have deleted the page by confirming.

What next?


What next?


When it comes to deleting your Facebook page, there isn’t much to do if you have successfully deleted your page. Before deleting your Facebook page, you have weighed the cons and pros and of course, decided to delete against all odds means that the cons outweigh the pros.


However, people sometimes find that deleting their Facebook page at the time may not be the best thing to do. Whatever reasons you come up with for wanting to reverse your action are not what matters most. What matters is that you know that you can cancel your page deletion.


Here are simple steps to follow if you must cancel the page deletion:


    • • Go to the page, and explore the general settings like you did when you were trying to delete your Facebook page.


    • • Tap cancel deletion; this is a simpler route to travel as you easily find the cancel deletion button. When you find it, you should click on it as soon as you can.


  • • Confirm that you have canceled; it is always important that you confirm an operation no matter what you are doing on Facebook. This is the only way you do not leave any table unturned.




When it comes to running businesses online, it is advisable to be wise and make decisions that move your sales forward. If you discover that you will gain more audience and sales if you buy Facebook Followers, then you should do it without remorse.


In the same vein, if you find that a page is causing your business and reputation more harm than good, you should never feel guilty for getting rid of this Facebook page. You would be glad that you did. Thankfully, the process of doing this is simple, and creating another page is even simpler.


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