How to Delete a LinkedIn Account?


Ask about growth and visibility from young, high-earning individuals today, and you would probably get a few minutes of lecture on LinkedIn from more than half of them. Of course, it is no problem at all.


In a time and age where majority of the great jobs are gotten online, it makes sense that there is a social media platform that has been dedicated to ensure that people from all parts of life connect on a business level and make things happen.


To date, LinkedIn remains the largest professional networking site on the internet. On LinkedIn, you get all types of offers and are also allowed to give offers. People get jobs and also build professional relationships to their capacity on LinkedIn so it is one platform that will be here for a long time. However, nothing says that everyone on LinkedIn is a successful business person, and everyone who isn’t is a failure. This implies that regardless of the popularity of LinkedIn among business personnel, many people can still do without it.


Before today, you have probably heard that being a business person means that you will be making a lot of decisions, thereby taking a lot of risks. Of course, no truer words have been said. Sometimes you realize that you need to buy LinkedIn Followers if you want the right audience only after you have dedicated years to building the account. As a business person, information like this should not faze you but encourage you and push you forward.


Other times, you realize that the best way to cater to your business is to delete a LinkedIn account. While this is a rare occurrence, especially in a world that prioritizes the online marketplace, it is not unfounded. There are special things or reasons that come up that warrant a deletion of your linked-in account

Why You Should Delete your LinkedIn Account


Why You Should Delete your LinkedIn Account


Some of these reasons are not dire and of course, some are pretty serious. Whatever they are, here are some reasons you may want to delete your LinkedIn account as soon as you can:


You are not committed to maintaining the Account


The point of having a LinkedIn account is to foster business relationships in a safe environment. Sadly, not many people have what it takes to commit time and effort to see the growth of the business relationships that they have been blessed with on LinkedIn. In the worst cases, some people open their LinkedIn account, and never make a single connection.


If this is you, you are using LinkedIn wrong by going against every reason for creating the app in the first place. Doing this means that there is no point that your account exists. So, deleting the LinkedIn account may be the best thing to do.


You are satisfied


Being content may not be common among Youths these days but some people are okay with whatever life gives them. Believe it or not, some people would never buy LinkedIn Likes no matter the promise of more audience and more customers. And there are also people who after creating a LinkedIn account, realize that it is a platform set to mess with their status. For instance, someone who is currently earning about $5k in a month with no relationship with any LinkedIn account may find the use of LinkedIn unnecessary over time. For people like this, deleting a LinkedIn account is understandable.


LinkedIn is a Distraction


As earlier stated, you can build a lot of business-centered relationships on LinkedIn. It has been created for this purpose, so it is expected that this is what you do. However, people also build other forms of relationships on this app.


Although not planned, you may find yourself being in more platonic friendships with some of your LinkedIn pals. If this is you, LinkedIn may become like every other social media platform to you. So instead of LinkedIn being the place you go to build your business profile, it becomes another site to connect and be distracted. If you do not want the distraction anymore, you can always delete your LinkedIn account.


Now that we have established some of the major reasons for deleting the LinkedIn account, it is important to explore the process involved in the deletion of a LinkedIn account

Process of Deleting a LinkedIn Account


Process of Deleting a LinkedIn Account


You should endeavor to follow these step-by-step processes for deleting a LinkedIn account, and you would be glad that you did.


Go to your profile


Your profile or page is what you are trying to delete so you might need to click on it. Of course, you should never forget that you need to log into your LinkedIn account to be able to access your profile at all. If you can access your profile, you are a step forward.


Check out the settings and privacy


To delete your LinkedIn account, you will need more than access to your profile. Of course, having access to your profile is the first step. It is also the step that pushes you to do other important things concerning deleting your account.


From checking out your profile, you get to see the settings and privacy. When you click on the settings and privacy button, expect to be moved to other options. You get to explore account management and account preferences. From here, you delete your account if you want.


Enter Your Password and confirm close


This is the last stage of the process. All you need to confirm that you would like to delete your LinkedIn account is enter your password, and click on confirm the delete.


Final Thoughts


LinkedIn undoubtedly has its benefits. Many business owners and freelancers testify to its power and effectiveness. So much so that some people would buy LinkedIn Likes to maintain their accounts.


But there’s another side to this coin; not everyone wants to own a LinkedIn account or needs one. If we can admit this much, then it’s possible to understand why deleting a LinkedIn account is a thing. If you’re one of the people who do not need your account anymore, you have these processes above to help you delete your account successfully. You should use them.



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