How to Go Live on Facebook


Gaining followers and making new friends on Facebook can be a challenge. Many people have tried to, and they faced obstacles. It takes time, planning, and effort to reach the goal, and sadly, many people never get to make friends and meet new people in the capacity that they would have loved.


The purpose of the live feature is to provide a platform for real-time engagement on Facebook. It will allow you to connect with your audience or clients directly and instantly, not only in an informal way but also for the sake of business. Live videos can be useful if you want to show something that cannot be easily explained through text. Quite frankly, live videos on Facebook get you the result that you get when you buy Facebook Live Fiews; more interaction, more audience, and ultimately bigger sales.


With a little preparation and help from people who matter, going live on Facebook can be successful. They are easier to produce than many other kinds of videos and don't require resources like YouTube, making them an appealing option for the majority. Using this guide will help you get started and be successful in going live on Facebook whenever it is necessary on a personal, and business level.

Log into the App


Log into the App

Your Facebook app is probably sitting pretty on your phone if you are familiar with the app, and if you have been using it recently. So, this shouldn’t be a problem.


If it is, it is better to get quick access to your Facebook account. When you get access to your account, you would need to go directly to the box where you can find “what’s on your mind? “


Learn about the Specifications


There are a lot of adjustments and edits you can make while you are live on Facebook. So, you need to be prepared to work these things out, starting by clicking on the three dots at the right center.


When you click on the three dots, you get exposed to a world where you can make a lot of adjustments to your Facebook Live. You may decide to check in, add effect to the beauty or bring a friend. These options are present and have been made available for you to choose from.


Tap Go Live


Never forget that you need to do the majority of these edits while you are preparing to go live. When you are done editing and making the right adjustments, then you can click on Go live. Doing this means your friends on Facebook now have the access to see what you are doing Live.

End the Broadcast


End the Broadcast


People go live on Facebook for different reasons as there are many advantages to going live on Facebook. Whatever reason it is for going live, you should have fun, and never forget to end the broadcast when you are done.


As earlier stated, there are many reasons for going live on Facebook. Some of these reasons resonate with some people better than others. In the end, it is difficult to not find any part of these reasons beneficial to your course. Some of the reasons why people go live on Facebook are:


Real-Time Engagement


Getting engagement on your Facebook account as a business owner is a priority. You have probably done a lot, including buying Facebook Live Views to get real-time engagement from customers. Going live on Facebook is equally aimed at getting real-time enjoyment, and of course, it is as effective as you have imagined it to be. This is because you get to interact with your Facebook friends while you are living.


It Breeds Familiarity with the people that matter


One of the key factors of a great business is friendship with the right people, and if we are being honest, the right people for your business are the people that patronize and invest in your business however they can.


If these people follow you on Facebook, they would get access to your Facebook live, and interact with you via Facebook live. They get to know more about the business, and you through this. Chances are, they would find out more gems about the product they have once patronized or have been patronizing. They may start to do more to ensure you get more sales if they can make it happen.

Increases awareness and exposure


Increases awareness and exposure


Away from the staying customers, the decision to go live on Facebook can work magic for your brand as it works when you buy Facebook Live Likes. How does this work? Going live means that your account is active, and this is a gateway to ranking high on your Facebook news feed.


While most people do not visit the news feed often, a good number of people visit the feeds, and therefore, get a chance to see you and your Facebook live.


If you focus on selling your products in your broadcast and make every minute count, you may convince newer generations to trust in what you have to offer. This way, you get people to show interest in your company.


Productivity Boost


If you want your Facebook live to be a success, you would not only dedicate your time to the live but also dedicate effort to planning and preparation. You must plan diligently if you want little to no errors during Facebook Live. This period of preparation makes you research, learn more about your product, and ultimately learn the art of focus. So, there is no denying that it is an activity that affects your focus and productivity positively. Every entrepreneur can use a good productivity boost, including you.




Now that you've gotten your stream working, it's time to get out there and go live! Do a practice run — spend a little time actually in the stream so you know how it feels and let people ask questions. Then when you're ready, try a test with just one or two of your family or friends to make sure everything is working as you want and that you're familiar with Facebook Live.


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