How To Go Live On TikTok

With the evolution of media, all spheres of life changed. Some people started using various methods of promoting themselves; others began to use alternative ways to share their lifestyle by using newspapers and magazines. However, in the 21st century, the world faced a new era of marketing - the beginning of social media platform domination.


The biggest platform, which we know in current days, was Facebook, with its crucial impact on the evolution of our interaction with each other.


However, in 2010, Facebook's first position was taken over by a newly developed app that everyone knows and uses - Instagram. It is still the most prominent social media photo platform that is currently on the market, with a massive number of over 1.4 billion users. You will find an interesting video that shows you growing patterns for all famous Social Media platforms.


However, the global trend constantly changes, and the desire for new creative ideas will always be welcome. As a social media platform, Instagram was initially created to exchange emotions and experiences via photos. But what if there is some space for another platform that can be as successful and as popular as Instagram but using only video format as the primary content? And here the humanity found the solution for that exact question - TikTok.


If you are a unique person who never heard of TikTok, people might think you are a outdated. It has become so famous among its users, brands, and companies that it is a vital platform for advertising and promoting goods and services. That is why many TikTok videos have been masterfully produced, with clever transitions and addiction potential.


However, did you know about a beautiful feature - TikTok allows you to live-stream? Rather than spending time preparing the video of your dream, you may use a broadcast mode and engage with your audience in live time. It is so simple and easier to do than you can even imagine.



What exactly is TikTok Live?


What exactly is TikTok Live?


It is when all of your followers can watch you doing a live-stream in real-time. Yet, if you use a public option for your Live streams, other TikTok users will have a far better chance of discovering you.


Even though TikTok is still best known for sharing user-created films and recordings, TikTok Live is a great option. It allows producers to go beyond what's happening on TikTok, use their creativity, and engage in more direct interactions with their fans. And the finest content producers will also consider how they might give a live performance of the material that their audience is already used to seeing from them.


If you want to know more about going Live on TikTok, you're in for a treat. This blog will show you how to live-stream on TikTok and what steps you must take to use this capability. If you want to buy TikTok Live Views, you can also visit our website and check the most competitive prices online.


But before we shall explain to you the steps of making live content on TikTok, you will need to know that some requirements need to be done.


Requirements to going Live on TikTok


Requirements to going Live on TikTok


If you are an active TikTok user, then you definitely wondered why you can’t go live right now. Well, there are some important reasons for that:


  1. To make you aware, if you don't have 1000 followers in your profile, you will not be able to use the Go Live feature. In addition, even though TikTok enables 13-year-olds to join up for accounts, you must be 16 to go live. And this is mainly for security reasons. This is just one of the measures TikTok tries to use to make everyone safe on that platform because we never know what type of content youngsters might watch. You can also find more information by following this link for a video that will show you some ways of avoiding these requirements.


  1. It would help if you always kept in mind the fact that everything takes time. Do not stress if you have already reached the required criteria but cannot find the "Go Live" button. It takes time for the platform to review your data and update it.


However, there is also good news for content makers who are above the age of 18; an extra function has been enabled for you - "Gifts." Now, when you choose the option "Go Live" on TikTok, every user of the platform will be able to give you presents, both virtual and tangible. You can basically call it a tip; anyone may provide you with anything they want.


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Follow this paragraph will be step-by-step guideline of How To Go Live on TikTok.



Guideline of How to Go Live on TikTok


Guideline of How to Go Live on TikTok


If you're above the age of 16 and have 1000+ followers, follow these simple steps to join your live stream.


  • Open the app and then press the (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen.


  • Choose LIVE from the options menu.


  • When you choose LIVE, you'll get a sample of your video broadcast. In that sample, you may give your live stream a name, enable or disable comments, apply effects or filters, choose a charity to support, and share your live stream through linked social media networks or a messaging service.


  • When you're finished, hit Go LIVE to start broadcasting your video.


  • When your LIVE event is done, just hit the power box at the bottom of the context menu to discontinue your feed.


Unlike a pre-recorded video that you take the time to make and edit before posting to your TikTok channel, a stream will vanish as soon as you're done!

We have also created a list of useful Tips that will help you to dodge mistakes if you are a beginner. You can also watch a visual explanation of it by clicking on the link.



5 Tips and Tricks that will help you to get started as a beginner


5 Tips and Tricks that will help you to get started as a beginner


  1. Time of your live stream.

Never try to make it too long, as people simply won’t have enough time for that. TikTok recommends spending around 25-30 minutes on a single stream. Keeping your live stream short will help you to keep the audience's attention longer.


  1. Perfect Lighting.

Make sure that you use proper lighting on all of your videos and Live streams. Poor lighting will make it difficult for viewers to see what is in your video. That’s why you will need to spend some time before choosing your perfect place to start the stream. Take your time for that.


  1. Getting hated and harassed.

Whenever you are on social media, making posts, or going live - never take anything personally. It is your choice you live, you can do whatever you want to and whenever you want to.


If you are struggling with bad comments, you can use filter options and mute or block all those users you don’t like. Moreover, you can hire moderators or admins that will monitor your comments and handle any trolls by banning them.


  1. Try to hold your camera still and not shake it.

If you are moving or doing something active on the camera, you know that shaky hands can spoil your live stream. Too much motion can make viewers dizzy & turn off the stream. That’s why it is recommended to have a steady position or use tools such as tripods that can hold your camera in a still state.


  1. Inform your Followers before you go public.

Imagine a situation that you have organized a party without promoting it. As a result, it will be hard to get guests and make it a banging party. The same rule applies to the live stream. If you want to attract more viewers, then simply make an announcement beforehand. You can try to post some videos on your TikTok profile about the upcoming live stream. It will give a clear idea for your spectators of what is about to happen and make them aware of your plans.


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Do not hesitate and become famous with TikTok Live Streams now!


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