How To Hide Your Instagram Followers

Have you ever wondered that sometimes you feel insecure or don't like someone's attention while being on Instagram? Being in this active "circle" of social media has become a part of our daily life. As a result, if you come up to anyone, you will assume that they have Instagram or Facebook, even before talking to them. After all, even though we show our daily life on social media platforms, we still feel uncomfortable.


Nowadays, we can see that due to the activity of Social Media platforms, our private life and information were basically wiped out. And some steps needed to be made to solve this problem.


The regulations of social media networks might seem irrational at times. It's a compromise between offering consumers many options for controlling their accounts but keeping the heart of what they symbolize. On the outside, Instagram seems to have a simple notion. Before the addition of features such as IGTV and Insta Stories, it used to be a platform where you could share your personal images and videos. However, now it's much bigger than that.


But before we jump into this topic, we need to ask the main question - can we even hide followers on Instagram? And the answer is - unfortunately, no, for Instagram users, this is not in their power. People who are following you on Instagram and those you are following yourself will always be able to see who you are following simply by clicking your Instagram profile.             Moreover, the numbers that are shown (Followers and Followings) can't be hidden as well.


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After all, Instagram has already taken all necessary measures to tackle these issues. And one of them is hiding your followers on Instagram.


There are multiple tools that help you to feel more comfortable.



Other Accounts Prohibition


Other Accounts Prohibition


Let's take as an example that you don't want to delete a follower, but you're having problems with them, making you want to limit their abilities to access your page.  The account you limit will be unable to see when you are online or if you have seen their messages. Thankfully, Instagram allows you to make it happen.


If they make comments, they will be the only ones who can see them. You may make them visible to you by pressing "See Comment." You may also choose to "Approve" it if you want other people to see their remarks. Additionally, you may remove or disregard it. You may restrict or limit someone's account in the following ways:


Stage 1 - log in to your Instagram account.


Stage 2 - go to "Settings" and then "Privacy."


Stage 3 - go to "Connections," then "Restricted Accounts." Then click "Continue."


In the last Stage 4 - you will need to enter the profile's name you wish to limit and click the "Restrict" button next to it. If you want to "Unrestrict" them, follow the same steps.

You may also use Direct message, comments, or their profile to use the restricted accounts option. However, this is the most straightforward method.



Block Accounts


Block Accounts 


Thankfully every modern social media platform has the feature to block an account.  Most of the time, it is the last resort people opt to.  Instagram users who have accumulated a massive audience in their profiles happily use this feature to avoid hate comments or spam. If you don't like someone, you can block him from visiting your account for whatever reason. In that case, they will lose an option to see who you are following and following you. They will not even find you on the platform anymore


Therefore, knowing how to block someone's account can be helpful if you use it right.


Stage 1: Visit the individual's profile page.


Stage 2: Find and then Click on the three dots symbol at the top right corner.


Stage 3: You will be given a selection list. You need to click on the "Block" button and then Confirm.


After that process is over, the user will not be able to see who follows you and who you are following. You will become completely invisible to him, and he won't even be able to track your activity. If you would like to watch a video description that explains how this works - follow the link.


Control Who can see You


Control Who can see You


It's not just wise but also recommended to be conscious of who sees what is going on in your page on Instagram. Most of the time, people don't consider the digital footprint they leave online. There's far too much info, photographs, and you have no authority over what people share. As a result, unless you operate an online company or are an influencer, you should consider changing your account from public to private.


Only your followers will be able to view the list of individuals you follow. On the other hand, anybody may see these lists and profiles if your account is Public. That is why people tend to switch their accounts from Public to Privat, and here is how it's done: 


Stage 1 – On Instagram, go to your profile page by pressing on the symbol in the right-bottom corner. Tap the three vertical lines in the upper right and choose the "Settings" button.


Stage 2 - Select "Privacy," then "Account Privacy."


Stage 3 - Switch the toggle "Private Account" to obtain a blue color.


Here is a link for the video that explains these steps and which you may find out helpful.


People who wish to follow you on a private account must make requests. You can go through them and determine whether you want to share your profile with them and be more in control about who is following you.  This relates not only to who is following you but also to who you are following.


If you are not satisfied with your digital security or feel uncomfortable, following these steps mentioned above will tackle all of your current problems. If you are a person who is seeking to get MORE attention though, then you can buy real Instagram Followers on our website.


We hope you found our blog valuable and delightful!


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