How to Hide your Phone Number on Facebook


Everyone has a phone number and everyone has an e-mail address — especially if you're an entrepreneur. While Facebook's phone number feature is quite handy for some things, it may not be a necessary feature for everyone.


If you think it's no longer an important part of your Facebook experience, then feel free to hide your number from the rest of the world—and enjoy your improved peace of mind while you're at it. It's human nature to want to keep these numbers private, but there are times when hiding is like buying Facebook Post Likes, which isn’t something you achieve easily.


Hiding your phone number on Facebook is a little tricky and takes some time to set up but once you have it set up, you can relax and enjoy your privacy. So, it is certainly worth a try. Do you want to try it? Then check out these step-by-step processes for hiding your phone number on Facebook:


Log in


As it is anytime you want to do something on Facebook, you must have access to your profile. So, if you are not logged in by now, it is the perfect time to log into your Facebook account. Of course, it is easier to do this when you have the Facebook app on your phone. If this is you, click on the app and wait until your feed is showing.


Tap on the Three Lines Icon


Now that you have logged into your account, you shouldn’t waste a minute. Be quick to check out the three lines icon, and tap on it. When you tap on this icon, you would be given different options to pick from.

Search Yourself


Search Yourself


Yes! It is easier to get to the destination this way. So, do not be wary. As soon as you have been shown the search bar after tapping the three lines icon, the best bet is to tap in your name, and wait for the operation to be accepted. This operation will lead to your profile, where you can bolding see your picture, and background image. The goal is not to touch your pictures. So, look down, and browse through the lists of options available. You would see some of your information, plus an “about info” at the bottom of the list.


Tap ‘About’


You are about to edit information about yourself so it is only right that you click on “about info” after you have browsed through the list of things to choose from. Of course, you also get a list of things to work on when you tap “About” on this list, your mobile number, address, and other social media information, will probably pop up. Most times, you only get the information here if you filled the spot when you were trying to open an account. Assuming you entered your phone number when you were registering your account, you would find it here first.


Tap Contact Info


When you see your contact popping up first, and you confirm that it is your contact, you must get ready to edit the information about your contact.


Edit the Contact Info


Getting here is a great achievement so far but it is not the end of the journey so you shouldn’t seek rest yet. If anything, you must begin to edit the contact information as soon as you can. To do this, you need to scroll down and tap edit, which is located next to the contact info heading.


This section is often above the Basic box’ so in case you do not see it on time, looking for the “basic box’ may be a wise way to trace your steps.

Tap the Box at the Right of your Name


Tap the Box at the Right of your Name


The mobile phone heading is what you should focus on when you get here. There is a possibility that you have more than one phone number under this heading. If this is the case for you, then you would need to pick the number you would like to hide at this juncture.


However, if you have only ever imputed one mobile number under this heading, you would only see a mobile number, and underneath it, a request to as another phone. In any of these cases above, you only get to proceed when you tap the box at the right of your name. so, you should do that as soon as you can.


Tap only Me


Tapping the box at the right of your name would lead to about three options that you can pick from. If you are familiar with Facebook, you may have seen some of these options before “ Public”, “friends” and “only me”.


Clicking on Public means that anyone using Facebook can access your mobile info, and of course, clicking on friends means that all your Facebook friends have access to your contact info. It is understandable to not want these people to have access to your contact so you might want to click on “Only me”, which implies that no other person apart from you get access to your mobile number. Wondering why it is necessary to keep it there if only you would have access. Well, it is mostly kept as information in case you forget.

Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts


And there you have it. Facebook has made it easier to share your contact information with others, but it also offers techniques for hiding that information. Many users will end up deciding not to add a phone number, whether for themselves or businesses. Remember that you do not need to give your contact info when you buy Facebook Followers. So, you shouldn’t let anything or anyone cajole you into giving out that info unnecessarily for any reason.


After going over the guide, you should have a better idea of how to get your number hidden on Facebook. If you (or someone you know) have an issue with stalkers, this is something worth looking into. It isn't exactly difficult to hide your phone number on Facebook, and once it's done, you can breathe a little easier knowing that none of your personal information is being made public to anyone.


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