How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram


Have you been blocked on Instagram? You might ask. Do my followers know what's going on? If they do, do they care? It seems strange that anyone would be upset by something so minute in nature. But there is serious power hidden behind this seemingly tiny tool, known as Instagram.

Researchers have confirmed that Instagram is one of the biggest sales platforms of the 21st century. We can also confirm the importance of the lengths business owners go to ensure their presence in the media is a staple. Some go as far as buying Instagram Likes, and others make the sacrifice of staying online 24/7. In essence, Instagram is important to businesses’ growth and getting engagement on the platform from people who matter, even more, dire for your business.

So, we understand the panic that comes with suspecting that someone that matters to the growth of your business has stopped following your account, or blocked you. Although, because of the glitches that happen on Instagram from time to time, we would advise that you stay calm whenever you suspect weird activities like this one. Instead of going into panic mode, the healthiest thing to do after suspecting that someone has blocked you on Instagram is to ensure you haven’t made a mistake. There are steps you can take to find this out in minutes.

Procedures to know if someone blocked you on Instagram


Procedures to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

Here are ways to know if you have been blocked by a customer or intending customer:


Search for their Username

This here is one of the most used approaches to learning if a person has blocked you or not. Although, it requires that you know the username of the person perfectly. So, the first thing you would need to learn is their username.

To know if they have blocked you, you need to type out their username in the Instagram search bar as it pops up on your Instagram feed. If the person you have searched for has blocked you, you will not see their account.

And if you are not blocked? Well, you get to view their profile, and their posts. Being blocked by an account is not the same as “having their account in private. While you may not be able to view their profile or posts when they have switched from public to private, you would be notified to be sure that the account is private. So, these are different scenarios.


Search through Profiles

If you have been mutual friends with someone on Instagram before, and now suspect that they have blocked you, you can find out by searching through your profile. Surely, the interactions from past posts remain. Although, you will no longer be able to see newer posts, or drop comments and messages as you have been able to do before.

Trying to browse through their profile, and seeking out new posts on their field with no success over time means you no longer have access to their Instagram account.

Check from another Instagram Account


Check from another Instagram Account

After going through their prole or trying to send them messages, without success, you might still find it difficult to believe that they have blocked you. this isn’t new! It is expected to feel this way especially if you have been mutual followers for a long time.

Thankfully, there is another special way to find out if they have truly blocked you. and this is by checking from another account. what you are trying to confirm by doing is to see if the account is still functioning. So, search for their account using a different account from yours. You would find out two things: the account has been deactivated, and hence it no longer functions. Or you would find out that you cannot access the account because you have been blocked.

Now that you know if the person has blocked you, are you satisfied? Chances are you would be glad if this person of note hasn’t blocked you or you would find that they have blocked you, and be hurt. If you find out it is the latter, you may need to start being cautious to avoid a repeat of the occurrence.

You may start by learning about the possibility of getting blocked by a customer, or Instagram follower. We have found that some of these reasons below are popular reasons people give for blocking Instagram accounts:


Tagging in Irrelevant Posts

As a business owner, wanting attention for your product, and working towards getting exposure is great. And, yes, there are great ways to get this exposure, one of which is when you buy Instagram Followers. There are, however, crooked ways that make you look more desperate than determined to get this exposure. And, yes tagging people in irrelevant posts in one of them.

Unlike the positive sales and more visibility, you get when you buy Instagram Likes, you would probably get blocked by the people you tag if you ever go this route.

Leaving Inappropriate comments under people’s posts


Leaving Inappropriate comments under people’s posts

Being inappropriate under people’s posts and in their DM is no way to behave especially as an entrepreneur, running a business account. And, away from being an entrepreneur, it is not also okay to use your account for inappropriateness under comments, and in people’s DM. it is easy for you to get blocked if this is what you use your Instagram accounts for.


Spamming their Messages

Here is another popular reason for getting blocked by people. And, yes! It is a common trait in a business account. In their quest to convince people of their sales, and quality, they continue to accost people with commercial and broadcast messages. This can get tiring when it happens over time, and it can get you blocked.


Final Thoughts

So there you go. If you want to know whether or not your ex-girlfriend, that weird girl from high school, or a random guy who posted a bunch of random pics on Instagram has blocked you, then refer to this quick and easy guide and find out for yourself!


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