How To Make a Post Sharable on Facebook


Facebook is an amazing platform for sharing thoughts, photos and videos. You can easily share your content with others. This will help you increase your followers and boost the level of engagement on your account. Another thing that may help with the exposure is if you decide to buy Facebook Shares.


For now, the best way to go viral on Facebook is to publish unique, incredible content. But with so much competition for attention on this platform, you'll need to work hard to stand out by sharing the post with the people that matter. Posting on Facebook is easy, but making a post sharable is not.


You've just published your first Facebook post, and this is the moment of truth. Will it reach the thousands of people who follow you? or will it get to a few on Facebook, and do little to nothing for the growth of your business?


Instead of worrying about the outcome after a post has been published, why don’t you make sure that your published post is sharable on Facebook, and to other platforms too?


If you have been looking to find some way to make your posts more sharable, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of tips and ways to make a post sharable on Instagram:

Ensure the Account is Public


Ensure the Account is Public


Trying to share a post from a private account is going to be impossible. This is because it is not possible to share a post to a Facebook story if the account is private. Since this feature only stays active on public accounts, this shows that any other account type may not allow the post to be shared.


So, the first thing you would need to do to ensure that a post can be shared is to make sure the post is on a public account.


Sharing Permission Withheld


There are many Facebook features that a lot of us do not know about. One such is the ability to disable sharing. This feature often creates a barrier and makes it impossible for a post to be shared with their story.


If you discover that a post cannot be shared with an account, you might want to find out if the sharing permission has been withheld by the account.


If you want to make a post shareable on Facebook, you should ensure that the settings of the app are right. In most cases, not being able to share a post has everything to do with the way an account is set up. If you want to learn more about this, then you should follow these procedures:

Open Facebook


Open Facebook


If you have been using Facebook before now, there is a high tendency that you to have the app on your phone. Go to the app as soon as you can, and click on the icon. You would be led directly to the Facebook feed. And yes, you can also log into your account through their website. This is for people who are not consistent users. Either way, you get to access your Facebook account, which is all that matters at this moment.


Go to your Profile


Now that you have the access that you need, you need to get working, and you would need to start from your profile. Since you are trying to make your posts sharable on Facebook, clicking on your profile icon sounds like a great plan. So, do it.


Click on the Three Lines Menu


From clicking on your profile, you get options for other icons to pick from. And of course, you get to see other operational buttons like the “edit profile button”, the plus sign icon, and some friends’ suggestions from Instagram. Amid these things, you would also find the three lines menu. Do not ignore this, instead, you should click on it.


Go to Settings and Privacy


As expected, you get an even deeper and longer list when you click on the three lines. You get to go to settings and select the “Privacy” button from the list, which contains other operational buttons like privacy shortcuts, and your activity.

Navigate to the Privacy Options


Navigate to the Privacy Options


Every step that you have taken so far is so that you can get here, and enjoy the opportunity of making a Facebook post sharable. The “privacy button list has another list where we can find the who can see your future posts, review all your posts and things you are tagged in, who can see the people, pages, and lists you follow, manage your profile, check a few important settings, and learn more with privacy basics among other things. Since the goal is to enable sharing, it, is important to click on the “who can see your future posts?”


Share this to the Public


From every list under the settings, and privacy, you have finally arrived here. To ensure that Facebook posts become sharable, you must activate this and ensure that the public can see your future posts. When you turn it on, it means that everyone gets to have access to your account, and of course, they can share things on your account when they find it helpful or interesting.


In the case that you need to disable the ability to share posts on Facebook and Facebook stories, you would need to go through the same process. Except this time, you would need to change from public to "friends or only me”




Apart from buying Facebook Followers, one of the best ways to earn more followers, join Facebook's verified user's club, and get your content shared is to follow a few simple steps on how to make a post shareable on Facebook. If you follow those steps, you'll likely see a difference in how much engagement your posts receive. And that can lead to more followers and more valuable connections.


If you run a business account, the goal is to make bigger sales always. Making your Facebook post sharable is one way to get the sales you desire.


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