How to Make Your Facebook Private?


Did you know that Facebook has several active users? Facebook is one of the best social networking sites in the world so it explains why there are many people on it. It is a special media platform because you can share all your lovely moments with friends and family, but if you don't want to share what you are doing or who you are with, then you can do just that.


Although, it may be a difficult thing to do on a platform like Facebook. With so many people on Facebook, lurking around the corner to see your business, it can be difficult to make sure your account is private, Nevertheless, it is not impossible.

Procedures for Making Your Facebook Private


Procedures for Making Your Facebook Private 


There are times when people don't want their Facebook profile to be public. Maybe your Facebook page is a business page, and you would like to keep the information private. Or maybe your profile is for personal use only – and you don't want people to see it, such as your current/previous job history or a list of relatives. There are a few ways that you can make your Facebook private, so read on to learn more!


Open Facebook


Before you get the privilege to do anything on Facebook even when you buy Facebook Post Likes, you would need to be logged in. so, you should aim at opening your Facebook account before anything. Of course, you may open your Facebook account however you like. It depends on the approach you have always used. If you have the app on your mobile, using the Facebook app is certainly the best bet. And, if you do not have the app, you can get a computer nearby and check out to log in on Facebook.


When you find this, enter your details, and log in to have access to your profile. Now that you are done opening Facebook, you may not jump into the real actions.


Click on the Arrow in the top-right corner of your Screen


The next thing to do to make your Facebook account hidden or to make it private is to click on the arrow at the corner of the screen.


Select Settings and Privacy


Clicking on the arrow means that you get introduced to a few lists in the menu. You will find the “Give feedback”, Help & support” “Dark Mode”, “switch to classic Facebook”, “Settings, and Privacy”, and “Log out. To get to the destination you have envisioned and to be able to do what you set out to do, you must click on “settings and privacy” and of course, clicking on settings and privacy” means that you move to the next stage.


Choose Settings


By choosing settings, you are moving closer to making your Facebook account private. However, you are not there just yet! Choosing settings means that you get exposed to another list of things to choose from. Since you know what you are trying to achieve, you should not hesitate to click on privacy from other options like general, security and login, Timeline and tagging, location, stories, blocking, language, religion, and notifications among other things on the menu.




The first activity you see under privacy is “who can see your post”. So go there, and find out the state of this activity. If it is public, you have work to do. Since you would like to make your Facebook account private, you have options to choose from based on your definition of privacy. You can pick between friends and only me. If you pick friends, it means that your Facebook mutual gets to view your feed, and if you pick only me, it means that only you have the access to your account.


Select Close


After picking the preferred form of privacy from the two, you mustn't forget how to save. In this case, saving the changes would mean closing the operation. As soon as you click on close, your changes become functional until the next time you edit again.

Benefits of making your Facebook Private.


Benefits of making your Facebook Private.


Going Private on Facebook certainly has many benefits that a lot of people forget to look into. For the sake of records, we must discuss some of these benefits:


It Protects you and your Facebook account


You do not only get security and protection on your account when you buy Facebook Friends from BuyCheapestFollowers, doing important things like making your Facebook account private will also get you the protection that you deserve.


Your pictures and personal posts are no longer in the public eye. So, you need not worry that your photos will bring inappropriate messages to your DM. limiting your account to just friends is a good way to filter your space, and protect your sanity.

Saves you from Identity Theft


Saves you from Identity Theft


It is easy for people to replicate your account when you have made your account visible to all and sundry. But, difficult to do the same if your account is private. Being limited to some people, especially people you know and trust is going is great because you do not have to worry that someone creates an account that looks exactly like your own.


It is important to regulate your account especially if you have done a lot of strategizing to gain the exposure that you have. If you buy Facebook post likes from us and engage in other strategies to keep your followers engaged, then you should do everything in your power to ensure that the account stays safe. Making it private will give you that!




When you make your account public and provide personal information about yourself on your account, it means that any random person gets to know special things about you. This is dangerous, because some people may get cues from this information to blackmail you.

This is why making your Facebook account is essential. When your Facebook information is limited to friends, and not just all those who use Facebook, you are at lesser risk of being blackmailed by a random person.




Making your Facebook account private has greater benefits than downsides for your personal or business account. so, there is no reason you should not try to make this happen as soon as possible.


You are lucky because we have provided a step-by-step guideline to ensure that you keep your Facebook account from prying eyes.


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