How to Mute Someone on Instagram


For most people, Instagram is their go-to social media platform when it comes to sharing photos with friends and family.

And for others, it is a marketplace; the right corner is to meet buyers and customers ready to patronize their service and buy their product.


It does not matter the group you belong to, using Instagram means that you love the benefits that come with it. And sometimes you buy Instagram Followers to keep your profile buzzing.

Unfortunately, not everything that comes with Instagram is pleasing. Some things come with exposure that you may not like.


Have you ever gotten annoyed by someone's post on Instagram and wished that they would just mute it? Have you wondered, how I mute this person that won’t stop dropping offensive comments? It can be frustrating when you're only trying to drop your posts, and someone’s profile keeps popping up. Sometimes, you just need to or buy Instagram Comments


If you're looking to mute specific accounts and keep the notifications from flooding your feed, the steps below should help you accomplish that. Mute buttons are a great way to keep up with your favorite followers on a less frequent basis and focus more on your best follows:

Open your Instagram account


Open your Instagram account


We understand that you would like to stop seeing that annoying account without having to lift a finger. However, if you truly desire to stop seeing that profile, you would need to do something more than hope for a change.


A good way to show that you want an account muted is to take the first step, which is logging into your Instagram account. If you have the Instagram app on your mobile, it is easier. And, if you do not, you can always click on to access your account.


Go to their profile


Now that you have successfully logged into your account, you have the platform to achieve your desire. Going to their profile should be the next mission. So, you should do this as soon as you can.


If you are serious about muting the account, you shouldn’t be exploring their profile as doing this may cause a change of heart. If their profile has a few interesting posts, it may distract you from doing what you aim to do. So, going to their profile shouldn’t be about exploring. It should however be about muting them as soon as you can.

Click on Following


Click on Following


At the top corner of the profile of the account, if you would like to mute, you would find a special button that says the following. Click on the following quickly, and wait for the next direction.


Click on the Mute button


Assuredly, clicking on the following is going to redirect you to different options. It should not be difficult to find the mute button because you already know what you would like to do.


As soon as you sight the mute button, you should click on it. Like the previous action, clicking on the mute button is also going to direct you to a page with many options.


Choose what you would like to mute</h3


Clicking on the mute button is to prepare you for what is to come but it is imperative as it brings you to a page that allows you to choose the things you would like to mute about an account.

As far as accounts go, you can decide to mute someone’s status. You can also choose to mute their stories. If muting both is what you would prefer, you can do it too!

Advantages of Muting Someone on Instagram


Advantages of Muting Someone on Instagram


Of course, there are benefits to muting someone on Instagram. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to the following:


It saves you the controversy that comes with blocking


Sometimes, the account whose content you do not like is a relative. It could also be a friend. Knowing that being related to someone or being friends with them does not mean that you all enjoy the same things means that some of the content of these friends may turn you off.


Being turned off by an Instagram post isn’t enough to burn bridges. So, clocking your friend is not an option. Thanks to the mute button, you get to filter the content you can see from your friend while you remain friends with them online.

You feel less anxious


You feel less anxious


Getting notifications about people’s posts now and then can be a turn-off. For people who suffer from anxiety, it can be a trigger especially if you keep getting notifications from this same person with content that you do not resonate with. Not being able to block or mute someone like this is enough to make you anxious.


Thankfully, you have the luxury to mute people on Instagram without cutting off the friendship or relationship. So, yes! Muting someone on Instagram is one of the perfect ways to get rid of anxiety especially if the person is a trigger.


You do not need to delete the app.


If you have ever been frustrated by a situation or irritated constantly by a person, you would know that it is not difficult to leave an environment like this as quickly as possible.


But wouldn’t it be pitiful to leave Instagram and abandon marketing strategies like buying Instagram Followers because someone on your timeline keeps frustrating you with their posts? It would be pathetic indeed. Of course, the idea that you can mute someone on Instagram is a beckon of hope here; it implies that you do not have to leave the app or delete the app to get rid of annoying profiles or content.


Bottom Line


So there you have it—tips for how to mute someone on Instagram. While the process itself is pretty easy, you should keep in mind that doing so may mess up your relationship with the person when they find out that they have been muted. 

But if you're willing to make that trade-off, it's not a difficult process at all. This is a process you should begin as soon as you decide to mute an Instagram account.


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