How to Repost a Story On Instagram?


If you are a brand owner, who uses Instagram, you probably know that you get more engagement when you buy Instagram story shares. As expected, reposting a story on Instagram is also one of the most effective ways to get engagement and the exposure that you want for your Instagram account. 


This can be useful if you want to reach more of your followers, even if they already follow you. Reposting is also great if you want to promote a product or service. 


When you repost a story on Instagram, it's just like when you go back to a spot to publicize what you sell—except you're doing it on one of the most popular social media platforms. It's a great way to spread your message and connect with new followers.


Here are some tips for how to repost a story on Instagram:


  • Make sure that your story is original content from the user whose post you're reposting. If it isn't, make sure they've given their permission to use their images or video in your post. Doing this is going to save you from lawsuits and plagiarism accusations; something that many business owners have still not been able to understand. 


  • Make sure that the image is bold enough so that people can see it. You might want to crop out parts of the image if it doesn't fit into your post perfectly. You might also want to enhance an image by adding background colors or putting filters over the image. While the original should not be altered to the point where people cannot recognize it, it is important to do what you feel your audience will appreciate when you are editing a post before you repost it. 


    • If the goal is to get more people to like your repost, or for more people to view it, you must be as strategic as you would be if you were to buy Instagram Story Views. Posting at a time when there will be less competition (like during the morning or evening) will increase your chances of getting more likes and comments on your post!


  • You can always repost something after a few days but ensure that there is a reasonable interval between the reposts on your own story. You do not want to be too predictable. When you make a repost today, you should post original pictures and videos that relate to your brand in between. You may now repost again after a few weeks. 


To get what you want in terms of engagement, followings, and exposure, you should not only buy Instagram Story Views as we have always advised, you should embrace other less expensive strategies like reposting a story on Instagram. 


Guidelines to Repost a Story On Instagram


Guidelines to Repost a Story On Instagram


Knowing what to do and how to do it are two different things. While a lot of entrepreneurs have accepted that reposting a story on Instagram is a good way to promote a business, and many even have the right knowledge on the tips if they must do it right, not many people know the step-by-step procedure or guidelines to follow to repost on Instagram. 


If you are one of these entrepreneurs, you are lucky because we have put together these procedures to repost a story on Instagram for you and everyone that needs to see them: 


Log into your Instagram App


The procedure to log in is similar whether you use an android or IOS phone. As long as you have the application on your phone, login into your Instagram account should be a matter of seconds. And, if the network is bad, it may take a minute. Either way, you wouldn’t be waiting forever to log into the app. You should use it. 


And, when you do not get to use the app, you can also use the website by typing out the media platform, and searching for it. When you enter your details, and Instagram logs you in, you see your feed as you would see when you use your Instagram app. 


Tap the Paper Airplane Icon


Tap the Paper Airplane Icon


The paper airplane icon is located at the bottom of the picture, it is the arrow-like symbol sitting at the extreme right, and besides two other icons at the bottom. To begin the process of reposting a post, you need to tap on this icon. When you do this, you would be shown options to add a post to your story. Click on this, and wait to edit. 




You want to explore the edit tools that you have on Instagram. You may decide to add a caption or use your emoticons, GIFs, and music too. To add any of these, you need to click on the second icon that looks like an emoticon. Clicking on this means that you get to see a list of edit options. You would find a location, mention, questions, avatar, music, link, hashtags, stickers, and poll among other things. use the ones you would like to use, and get going. 


Tap your Story


After you have utilized every interesting tool from the tools mentioned above, you need not waste any more minutes. You are done editing, and your re-post is ready to be published. What next? Well, the next thing to do is tap your story. As soon as you tap your story, the network gets the operation and helps you to repost as you have commanded. 


Final Thoughts


It's not too difficult to repost a story on Instagram once you have the right tools. And since the benefits of reposting a story on Instagram is equivalent to the good tidings you get when you buy Instagram Story Shares, it is crystal clear that learning how to repost a story on Instagram should be a priority for all business owners. 


One thing is sure, as soon as you learn to repost a story on Instagram, you never want to drop it. Apart from the benefits, it gives to your brand in terms of visibility, and sales, the procedure is intriguing and brain-tasking. You will certainly enjoy the process involved in making this happen so much that you won’t mind reposting a story on Instagram ever so often. 


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