How to Repost on Instagram


Reposting on Instagram has quickly become trendy. Reposting, or posting someone else's content, is a great way to get other people to see something you think is interesting and share it with their friends


In essence, Reposting on Instagram, as well as  buying Instagram Likes are some of the most popular post marketing strategies these days. And, of course, reposting on Instagram can be hard for everyone for different reasons.


Have you ever wanted to repost and save a photo, but couldn't figure out how? It makes sense — there is a lot of information out there on reposting on Instagram, and not all of it is easy to dig through. However, here are some practical tips to help you get started with reposting on Instagram if you are passionate about making your Instagram account active:


Take a Screenshot


Yes! You would need to take a screenshot of the photo you want to repost. But, of course, identifying the picture is the first thing you must do even before taking a screenshot. Only you know what you would like to repost. So, the obligation to find the most suitable picture rests on your shoulder. Given that Instagram is home to many unique pictures, you will likely find the picture in no time.


If you find it, taking a screenshot with your mobile is the best bet. And oh! You can do this with IOS or with an android phone.

Tap the New Post Button


Tap the New Post Button


Taking a screenshot means that you now have the picture you would love to repost on your mobile. It’s now time to start the process of reposting the picture on Instagram. And to start with, you would need to log into your Instagram account.

Have you done this? If you have, you will find the new post button. Which is characterized by the plus sign inside a square at the top right corner of your Instagram account. Click on it immediately, and select post. You can also repost videos, and reels if you want. But since the focus is on reposting pictures, you should check out the next step


Resize the photo


Hopefully, you remember that most pictures that you get online should be observed before you use them. You need to check them out because there is every tendency that some parts of the picture are not useful. Apart from the distraction they cause, some parts are not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


For this reason, there is a need to resize the photo. You are lucky because the tool to resize the photo is at your beck and call. Using the edit button on your phone, you will crop out the parts of the picture you wouldn’t like others to see, or the parts that are not useful.


If you have done this successfully, congratulations to you. However, that is not all there is to it. You should now click on next at the top right button to find out the next step that you need to take. 

Edit and add filters


Edit and add filters


Again, aesthetics is an important part of Instagram today, as it has always been. So, if you must capture an audience outside buying Instagram Followers and Instagram likes, you would need to learn how to use your filter.


To make the image that you have resized look better or more suited for what you want it for, you should pick the filter that suits it the most from the options that have been made available. Chances are you will soon find the perfect one; apply it and engage other forms of edit to ensure that the post is picture-perfect.


Add a citation


In this time and age where people get sued for theft easily, you must learn the art of citation, and embrace it as you have embraced famous quotes as a form of marketing strategy.

After the picture has been properly edited, you should not post without citing the original owner. So, you must use the @ to show the world who originally used the picture, or who owns the picture.


Add a caption


As said earlier, reposting is one of the ways apart from buying Instagram Likes that help to put your Instagram account out there. So, it is serious business, and of course, should be handled as such!


Doing all the work to ensure that the post is picture-perfect is great! But, sadly, it is not enough. You would need to add other elements that make a picture catchy to capture the audience you want. And yes, one of the best ways to do this is by adding meaningful, and fun captions to any picture that you repost.


Share the repost


The process you need to go through if you must repost on Instagram certainly ends when you share it. Until you share it, you have not reposted it. So, you cannot stop on the way or let anything stop you from getting to this stage. As soon as you click on share, your post will be published on your account via Instagram.




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