How to See Liked Posts on Instagram


If you have an Instagram account, then you know that each of your photos is uploaded to get likes and followers. In essence, the point of posting on Instagram is to get engagements from the people that matter.


As a business owner, sometimes you want to be sure that your post is getting to the target audience. While you often get the engagement that you desire when you buy Instagram Likes or engage in other marketing strategies, these strategies do not tell you if your posts are getting likes from the people you want them to reach.


What this means is that you would need to check this out yourself. Of course, there is no way to see anyone’s likes history on Instagram as it is on some other social media platforms. but, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you see the liked posts on Instagram. Check these steps below:


Navigate to the Post


Before you can check out the people that have liked a particular post, you would need to go to the post. While you may not get likes history on Instagram, you get to see the number of people that have liked a post at a glance. And if you are curious enough, you also get to view the usernames.


Click on Others


As earlier stated, you get knowledge about the number of likes a post has gathered from a glance at the post. When you glance at the post, you would see that the post has been liked by someone and others. To know all the people that have liked a post through their username, you would need to click on others.


When you click on this, Instagram brings out the list for you to explore. While exploring their profiles, you can tell if they are the right audience for you or not.


Are you wondering why it is important for a business owner like you to see liked posts on Instagram? Well, the answer is simple. All business accounts on Instagram upload pictures, videos, and Reels that focus on their businesses and products because they want to reach a certain audience, and you are not exempt.


While doing this is a great step forward, no serious business owner stops at just posting their pictures on Instagram. You want to know if the post is doing what it is meant to do. So, the first thing to do is find out if the audience the post has been designed for understands and loves the posts. And, apart from the comments and messages you receive, another way to know that your target is getting the post is by seeing if they like your posts. When you see liked posts, it helps you do the following

Continue on a path if you sense that it is right


Continue on a path if you sense that it is right


Being able to view liked posts is a blessing because you get to see when the target audience genuinely loves what you have been doing so far. If you sense that you have been able to capture the target audience with what you have done so far, the best thing is to continue on the path because what isn’t problematic doesn’t need change.


Change the course if you are missing the target audience


Although it may hurt when you see liked posts and discover that the target audience for the post is missing from the list, it is also informative.  As a business owner who is privy to this knowledge, the wise thing to do is not dwell on the hurt but find solutions. If you discover that your posts are not getting likes from the target audience that they are meant for, then it is time to change the types of posts you put out there, and of course, when you put these posts put there.


Sometimes, you desire to see the posts you have liked on Instagram for reasons best known to you. If this is it for you, you are in luck, here are ways to know the posts that you have liked on Instagram:

Go to the Profile Tab


Go to the Profile Tab


Of course, the first thing to do in this situation is to log into your Instagram account. So, do that as soon as you conceive the idea in your mind. You need to then go straight to your profile tab and click on the menu button that is situated at the top-right corner of your profile.


Go to your Activity


If you have successfully done the first step, you need to now select your activity. From selecting your activity, it is easy to see the destination; you are trying to know what you have been up to!


Tap on Interactions


Of course, selecting your activity means that you are opening yourself to a lot of other options. Some of these options will include, time spent, photos and videos, account history, interactions, and links you have visited among other things. Click on interactions.


Select Likes


Under interactions, there are other options to pick from too. You would see comments, likes, and story replies. Since you are trying to see the posts that you have liked, it is reasonable that you click on likes and wait as it shows you all the photos, Reels, and videos that you have liked over time.





Knowing what to do with your business page on Instagram is tied to accurate knowledge about how the page functions. For instance, you only think of buying Instagram Power Likes when you are not getting likes on your posts as quickly as you want it.


In simpler terms, you will only be able to find solutions to issues with your Instagram account when you seek to know how your account is doing. Of course, one of the things that we often omit is the liked posts on Instagram. Most entrepreneurs do not know the people that like their posts as long as the numbers are satisfactory.


With the tips above, you will easily be able to see liked posts on Instagram and also know if there is more work to be done about your account or Instagram posts.


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