How to See who Viewed Your Instagram Videos and Stories?

Following global trends, nowadays, one of the most significant ways to reach any audience is by using social media platforms, where the main one is Instagram nowadays. It doesn't matter whether you use a personal or a business account. Suppose you're using Instagram to expand your company, whether as a supplement to your current operations or as an independent platform, you'll need to optimize your performance on the site, which entails gathering data. One of the essential information is the number of people who view your posts and watch your videos.


Instagram is a social networking platform where users post photos and videos based on their followers. It is not a secret that the majority of Instagram users want to know how many people are viewing the content (photos and videos) they upload. If you use Instagram professionally or as a brand page for your company, then obtaining and gathering those data is a substantial factor for the success of your newly posted feeds.


One of the most determinative factors is the number of followers that you have. It is quite simple: the bigger the audience, the more trustworthy you will look.


In other words, if you are striving to create an advertising campaign on Instagram, you will need to know more about your viewers and people who watched your content. It will help you to decide whether it is worth or not creating a similar type of content. Or to see which are profitable and which are not.


It is straightforward to define a video's fundamental popularity. For instance, you may determine the popularity of an Instagram post simply by looking at its likes and views. You may then compare those views to other videos you've released to see how well it went over with your audience. However, there is no straightforward method how you can see who exactly watched your content.


Due to its convenience, Instagram has a function to show you a number of people who have seen your videos. This number appears underneath a video on the phone, indicating the number of times the video was seen for at least 3 seconds. Repeated views do not count —even if someone visits your content ten times, you will still receive only one view for your content.



Check out this video with a young blogger who will show you how it works: Who Views Your Profile.


However, there are some ways you use to see who has watched your Instagram photos and videos, but this is only related to the "stories." How hard it would not be, for now, the app lacks this feature for typical picture and video postings. You can, though, check how many visitors a video upload has.


There is a different situation with brand pages and business profiles - you can see how many people visited your post. Moreover, you can also check how many visits you have had in the last few weeks, as well as how many people have seen your post in their feed. However, you are unable to display the list of usernames.


On the other hand, If you are looking to enhance your engagement rate on Instagram and boost your account, then one of the ways is to obtain a bigger audience by having more followers on your brand page. Furthermore, you can also buy Instagram Views that can help you boost your videos right now!


Regular postings, on the other hand, are restricted to those who liked your picture and left a comment on your post.


How to Upload Videos on Instagram in 4 simple steps?


How to Upload Videos on Instagram in 4 simple steps?


One of the valuable methods of how your audience may see your post is by uploading video content on your Insta Stories. Your followers may watch your stories during the whole day for 24 hours. They will then be automatically removed from your profile and saved to your archive.


Follow these steps to add a video to your Story:

  1. On the Instagram main page, tap the Story icon in the top left-hand corner.

  2. Next, make a video to post. You may also choose a video from your phone's gallery to upload. It is better to have a video of good quality so that your viewers will understand what this content is about.

  3. Enhance your video with filters and other effects which make your Story attractive.

  4. Finally, hit 'Share' to share your Story with friends or acquaintances. You can also then choose whether you want this Story to be on the Facebook page as well.


The benefit of publishing a video via Stories is knowing who saw it and how many times people have seen it. You can also boost these numbers when you Buy Instagram Story Views from us.

What is more interesting is the feature of choosing people that you want to share your Story. It is called "Close Friends." This option helps you determine and pick the right people and put them under that tag, and only they will see your Story post. Here is a link for the video that illustrates how to set up Close Friends settings.



We are approaching technical part where we shall describe you the following details 1) Who Viewed your videos; and the second one 2) Who Viewed your Stories.


Who viewed your Instagram Videos?


Who viewed your Instagram Videos?


Or How to Find Out Who Watched Your Video on Instagram:

  1. To watch the video you've shared, go to your Instagram profile page.

  2. You'll notice an entire number of views, and you will also be given individuals who liked it underneath the video. More information is available by tapping on this Video Link.

  3. If we narrow down the whole process - the overall number of views is displayed at the very top; on the other hand, the identities of individual visitors are not visible. You will need to scroll down to watch who liked your video or use the search box at the top to save time and look for a particular individual.


It's worth noting that the total number of views is only accessible for videos. The names of individuals who left a one like for the photograph will be shown in the details pane.

Following these steps you will be able to quickly add any video you like. Moreover, as mentioned before, you can try to play with different themes of your video. It might make your video more attractive for new people that watch your content.


Who viewed you Instagram Stories?


Who viewed you Instagram Stories?


  1. Launch Instagram and press the story button in the top left corner. Your Story may also be accessed from your profile page. Both will display a colorful circle which is around your profile photo.

  2. At the lest bottom corner, you will notice ‘Seen by’ and the amount of viewers that have already watched your content so far. You also, by tapping these buttons, may find more information by tapping on these buttons.

  3. The whole number will reappear in the top left corner, next to an eye symbol. Scroll down the list to see all the Story Views.



Replays are included in the total number of Story views. If the same account has watched your Story more than once, you may notice a more significant number of views than usernames. In case if you want to learn more about people that frequently visit you Stories or, stalk your account - here is a video that you may find useful.

We are coming to the end of our blog, and we hope you found it helpful. According to Business Insider, the more stories you post, the more people will follow you. However, if you have no time to wait, we offer a wide range of views services that you can check on our homepage.


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