How To Sign Up For Clubhouse?

Are you curious as to why Clubhouse has become so popular? We can partially blame Elon Musk, similar to the "Gamestonk" issue. The world's (sometimes) richest person drew a lot of attention to this product when he appeared to be a member in a Clubhouse room in January 2021. Bill Gates followed in his footsteps, and the trend has continued. What you need to know about the audio chat app is outlined below.


So, what's the deal, and what is it?


The idea of it is as follows: Consider having a phone app that allows you to listen in on other people's real-time discussions. These people want to be heard, but not in a creepy way. They could be well-known, or at the very least, fascinating and informed (no guarantee, however). It's also possible that you'll be invited to participate in the conversation. Consider it a social network with audio chat. "What if Twitter were a podcast you lived inside of?"


When did it first become available?


In March 2020, Clubhouse (together with COVID in the United States!) went live. It was originally created by Paul Davidson and his friend Rohan Seth with the support of venture funding from the Andreessen Horowitz. And if you will use the Clubhouse for a while, then you might bumb into the Paul and  Rohan chatting in the room of the app.

To begin with, it was initially invite-only, much like a real-world club membership, and it became a huge thing to a select few. It was a small society in the early days, primarily made up of venture investors. After all, after only two months of operation, Clubhouse's parent company, Alpha Exploration Co., obtained a $12 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz. It was quickly valued at $100 million, even though it had only 1,500 users. (As of April 2021, the estimated market value is $4 billion.)


You might ask us a question:


What's with the app icon?


What's with the app icon?


Although Clubhouse has an official logo, it is not utilized on the app icon (nor is the waving hand symbol). An ever-rotating black-and-white picture of a person will be shown on a smartphone screen.

Each person is a real-life Clubhouse visitor. It's generally someone who has made a big effect on the platform or who Clubhouse thinks knows everything there is to know about it. Each icon lasts just a few weeks before being changed by a major app update. Some have praised Clubhouse's design decision as a method to break up the monotony, while others say it only complicates finding the app on your phone as the icon changes.

Social activist and visual artist Drue Kataoka, singers Axel Mansoor and Bomani X, startup booster Erika Batista, and tech podcaster Espree Devora have previously been featured on Icons.


Is it possible for me to make money?


Yes. In collaboration with payment processor Stripe, Clubhouse has launched a monetization scheme for creators on iOS in the United States. On of theway how users can pay creators is in-app payments, with 100% of the money received by them and the fees that are taken by Stripe; Clubhouse claims it isn't skimming any of the money. Advertisements do not support it.

The company had also developed a Creator First accelerator program, which provided everything from equipment to special guests to promotion to the people who were driving the traffic. The "inaugural class" was announced in May, with mixed results.

Payments can be sent or received by any Clubhouse user on iOS (Android is reportedly in the works). It also necessitates the use of a Stripe account. Find it in the app under your profile, then go to Settings > Payments by clicking the gear icon.

Unlike the singing, and dancing social media platforms that we're used to (we're looking at you, Instagram and TikTok), Clubhouse is only aiming on the audio settings. That's right; you can log in and listen to celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers discuss everything from how to build an online business to which moment of the New York history is fake or truth.

While the invite-only nature of Clubhouse makes it appear to be a private members club for the wealthy, it is currently one of the most democratic platforms available. Anyone may establish and moderate a room; anyone can speak in public rooms if the 'hands up' option is turned on and the moderators choose them. Anyone can find themselves on the same stage as industry legends like Joe Budden and Patrick Starr. Oh, and there are currently no 'blue check' marks.



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How do you become a member of Clubhouse?


How do you become a member of Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is invite-only, so you'll need your friends or someone who knows you to invite you through the app. When you first sign up, you will receive one free invite to invite a friend, and if you use the app more frequently, you may receive additional invites.

The person who invited you will receive a credit on your profile that reads "Nominated by..."

Before you join, you can reserve your username on Clubhouse to ensure that no one else does. To do so, download the app and follow the steps to join the waiting list.

Once you've signed up, you can choose your interests, and it will recommend individuals to follow based on who you already follow on social media (you can link your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your profile). 

Nowadays, when modern trends are getting faster and more popular, all known celebrities are trying to catch up with them and doing all they can to draw attention to their persona.

Numerous artists have joined the Clubhouse. And this list starts with Virgil Abloh, Joe Budden, Meek Mill, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, and others. All of these stars are currently active on the app. There are rumors that Oprah, Drake, and even Kevin Hart have tried the app among Big names already. 

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So after a brief explanation of what the Clubhouse is, we are providing you with the list of the most popular questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t have the iPhone but the Android, is it possible for me to get the Clubhouse?

Yes! Clubhouse is no longer invite-only. Anyone with an iPhone or a smartphone which is based on Android system can get access. Clubhouse also supports 13 languages in addition to English on Android: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Telugu. However, on iOS, the are some nice features that you can benefit from, such as automatically closed captions.



If you are still having questions regarding this topic, we advise you to visit the Video that will show everything in more details.


After getting the app, what am I supposed to listen to on the Clubhouse?

When you eventually gain access, the app presents you with a page full of conversational subjects to follow, ranging from sports to technology to current events to spirituality to "hustle," and so on. You can identify others interested in the same subject in each and follow them. The more subjects and people you follow, the more likely you will receive room ideas that match your preferences.

How many people can be in a single conversation in Clubhouse?

It is completely up to you. However, the current maximum number of Clubhouse Members per room is 8,000 people. If you want to increase that number, you will need to contact the support team for help and ask them to increase the number. It officially stated that around 700,000 rooms are created every day. So, if you still have concerns about whether it is worth it, give it a try!

So can the Clubhouse be so-called as a “Medium for Podcasts”?

It is, but to the extent that it allows anyone to instantaneously start a room with no guarantee of future interactions. Even more so with the Replay feature, which allows you to save recordings of any and all conversations that are deemed important.

But I have concerns, who is really using the Clubhouse nowadays?

Clubhouse is now ideal for folks who like talking but miss having an audience—such as needy celebrities—or trolls who would like to be a "fly-on-the-wall" near intriguing discussions. It might be a new media that we all need to be aware of (or not). However, it's also being lauded as a potential site for mending rifts, as seen by the Meet Palestinians and Israelis area, which brings together individuals from both sides of the conflict from all over the globe to chat.




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