How To Take Amazing Instagram Photos 4 Tips & Tricks

From the start of its journey, Instagram was a place that people had never seen before. Facebook mainly had people who wanted to find new connections and friends but was not used as a place to share life experiences and emotions as Instagram.


Back in 2010, when Instagram was just launched, our phones did not have the excellent quality of photos and lacked features. As a result, images were very blurry, and you could even see pixels in them. The feed is now a mix of mobile phones and professionally taken photos. The quality of phone photo cameras is on such a level; even while moving around, you may still record a video, and people will never see a difference.


There is an essential sequence that all Instagram users know about. If you have a good-quality list of posts (photo/videos), people visiting your page will be more likely to stay longer, as the content attracts them. For example, suppose you work as a designer of cars and seeking to attract a bigger audience than pages with the same topic. In that case, you will need to fight, as they might have a better quality of their news feed and will have more chances to keep potential customers on their pages than yours.



Furthermore, it means that by having good content and images, your page will have more followers. Every brand or business realizes the importance of this factor, as making photos of perfect quality is the only way to approach and attract customers. Meanwhile, if you need to obtain more followers, in such of case we also offer the opportunity to  Buy Instagram Followers provided by our company.


This article is for those seeking to improve their photography skills (e.g., for their brands) by using all available equipment and factors that are present. Think about it. If you are launching a business, then you will not afford highly-priced professional equipment. Even if you are an average person trying to improve and develop skills in making good-quality photos, you need to have more tips and tools that can help you. Therefore, we have created this blog to ensure you will always be satisfied and pleased with all photos you take!


Tips and Tricks you can use to take good photos for Instagram


Tips and Tricks you can use to take good photos for Instagram


To begin with, we need to warn you that learning how to take perfect photos and videos on your phone always will require a basic understanding of some principles that every photographer uses. Suppose you already know how to use your camera correctly and see which feature is better to use. In that case, you can also apply that set of skills to make good photos on Instagram and all other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.).


There are two main ways of how you can make a post on your Instagram profile.


  1. First way - is to use your phone camera to take a picture before you enter Instagram. If you need to upload a photo, go to the gallery section, and choose the photo you took.


  1. Second way - is to take a photo while you are already on Instagram. When you use this app on your phone, you can find a button with the symbol ”+”. After pressing, you will be automatically transferred to your camera, and you can feel free to use your creativity to make a photo/video you are interested in.


Both methods will have the same result for you; it’s just a matter of preference and choice.

Besides all of that, if you already know how to take a good picture but bring more attention to it or make it more visible, you can check out the to find Instagram Likes and Instagram Comments.


The next paragraphs will provide you with Tricks that you can use to improve your abilities and skills in photo-shooting.


4 Tricks of Taking good Instagram Photos


4 Tricks of Taking good Instagram Photos


If you think about it - everyone can open their camera on the phone and press a button to take a picture. But if you want to get the best of it and have a great result, you need to have the right approach. The main thing is the composition, and it is the main key to creating smooth and beautiful photos that will keep the attention of viewers.


1.       Use the all known One Third Rule


This rule means what it says. It is a feature that helps you to put your photo in a balanced position. Divide your phone screen into “3x3” squares. Try to put the object/subject of your picture at the intersection of those “created” lines.


You will then see how the structure of your photo became better and convenient to watch. At the same time, it gives your image a balance, which is an essential factor to keep your clients longer on your page.


2.       In the case of the horizontal line - make it lineally straight


The horizon line is vital, and it's perhaps the first and most basic guideline in landscape and other outdoor photography. It immediately spoils the impression if not followed. The grid tool should assist, but if not, you may correct any distorted horizons later during post-processing. Fortunately, most modern phones possess that feature where you can play with lines and tackle the issue very quickly.


3.       Use sometimes central compositions


If you are an owner of a brand and your goal is to highlight the main features of your product, you will need to make it seen by the customers. You can use this trick to make it stand out. Put the object/subject in the middle of the picture frame and take a photo.


It will give a clear idea that the main thing in this photo is that particular object. Also, by using the filter, you can simplify or change the frame and get rid of clutter.


This trick can be used to point out the product you are selling, and every other thing not related to the selling purposes. If you want to post an art picture, you will not use the One-Third Rule, as it will not shoot all parts of the image. That is why in that case, use a centered style of photoing. It also relates to other ideas, which are unlimited.


4.       Listen to yourself and use your viewpoint


We are not making you listen to our guidelines; we are just trying to improve your skills in taking photos. However, you are the one who makes the final decision and has all rights to bring any image you like.


When you take a picture on your phone, you presumably bring it up to your eye level and press the shutter button, right? Everyone else does the same thing. If you want to shoot fascinating, unusual images, resist this natural temptation.



Those four tips you can use daily, not just when you take photos. If you work as a photo designer, you can use these four tools to make more clients visit your page. Here is a link for the video that explains everything briefly.


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We do not think that posting a good photo is the only way of attracting people. Never forget that people are looking for reliable content. And they will be more attracted and motivated to join a page with more followers than other ones!


We are approaching the main part of this article - Steps that we recommend to intake while making good photos for your Instagram profile.


4 Steps to make for a Good Instagram Photo


4 Steps to make for a Good Instagram Photo


This will be a short guide for people who are trying to develop their skills in photo-shooting and improve.


1. Right lighting - is key to success


Making sure that your lighting is set up correctly - is one of the most significant elements of making good photos. If you make it too dark or bright, the audience will not see what the subject is on that image, resulting in the loss of a potential follower or a client. Therefore, when taking photos of brand objects, you want to know how lightning changes your shoot location.


Let’s take as an example park or a garden. If you are walking with your friend in these lovely places and thinking of taking a photoshoot, you will always need to keep the angle and sun effect in mind. If you stand in the wrong position with different shadows, it might completely change the impressions of the photo.


So, it would be best if you thought of a time when the photo is taken. Or what angle will be perfect to describe the whole idea of the photo? And so on.


As advice, we recommend you taking a photo an object/subject from different angles and points of time, so that you will have a clear idea of which style suits you the best.


2.  Your subject/object is better to be framed correctly


Leaving space around the subject rather than zooming in may add a more visual appeal to your shot by leaving space around the focus subject rather than zooming in. A random moon high in the sky on an image is an example of an unexpected element that only improves the photo.


Besides a camera with a lens that can be adjusted, your phone camera "zooms in" by narrowing your field of vision. You are, in effect, pre-cropping your picture. Avoid doing this since it will restrict your editing possibilities in the future and may cause you to overlook some valuable details.


Therefore, you need to touch the subject or focal point of your photo camera to focus the camera on the item itself.


If you want to expand your possibilities even further, you may purchase an external lens that attaches to your phone. It will give you more ways of how you can vary quality, place, or other factors. More you have - more opportunities.


3. Usage of different angles


We've already covered the trick with a horizontal line, which assists you to line up your photographs. These may also be used to make angles.


What exactly does this mean? In your photograph, the tables or walls should be parallel to the camera's gridlines. Match the gridlines up so that your picture components are parallel for the ideal overhead view or inside shot.


That will make your photo with the usage of this guide align with all edges perfectly parallel, making it smooth for the eyes to watch. It will give a more precise idea to the viewers of what the picture is.

Don't be scared to change things when lining it up; you can still use your imagination and make any mix you like. 


Take a step back and evaluate the photo from several perspectives before snapping it. Straight-on shots aren't always the most fascinating. If you're going to experiment with a new angle, make sure it's not directly parallel to the gridlines. It will only be inconvenient if it is slightly off.


In addition, do not forget about your initial goal, to take a good photo. If you use the wrong angle, not every critical detail may be in the picture (hidden). So try to shoot from different angles, play with it, but try not to make mistakes.


Recommendation, most modern phone cameras have a feature of a cross-hair middle line. It appears when you take an overhead photo and can be used as a tool to line up perfectly from above.


4. Be creative and play with variations


The need for being remembered initially created the photo camera to take photos with memories. And nowadays, with new technologies, it expanded its possibilities. You can take any pictures and videos you like; if your goal is to stand out and pop up out of a gray crowd, then you should find your style of making good photos.


Challenge yourself, as only originality can be genuinely awarded.


Try to use your creativity because you are the only one who knows what you are looking for.


If you are interested in the more Instagram news feed, visit our website and look at what we have accomplished by working with all social media platforms.


We hope that this article helped you to find the answer to your question.


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