How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to reach out to other users around the world. It's also a fun way to share your photos with your friends, followers, and family! While it is fun, it can also be a little overwhelming when you think about all of the followers on your profile. What if you want to turn off likes on Instagram?


Well, if you are sure that the best way to get away from the bubbling engagement on Instagram is by turning off likes on Instagram, then you shouldn’t shy away from doing it. While it is one of the best options, not many people know the details they need to go into to be able to turn off likes on Instagram.


This is about to change. If you want, you would soon learn how to turn off likes on Instagram or hide likes on Instagram.


But first, what are the other reasons behind wanting to hide Instagram likes? Here are some reasons that we have been able to find out so far:

Helps with Removing Social Bias


Helps with Removing Social Bias


Before people learned about removing likes on Instagram, brands who know that many people follow what is trendy, and would likely check out their page when they have more likes opted to buy Instagram Likes. And, frankly, buying Instagram likes has worked magic for a lot of brands. It has called the attention of people that matter, and there is no need to regret it.


However, buying Instagram Likes is not the only way to get people interested in your product, you may also get people interested by hiding your Instagram likes. When people come across a large account with followings like yours, and see that a post about a product has no likes, the ones that buy the product only buy based on merit and not because they want to follow a trend of people that have liked the post. So, there is a tendency that people to buy only for the quality of the product. This is great for your reputation and is also a good marketing strategy.


You no longer seek Social Validation


If your Instagram account is personal, this one is for you. while a business account may not be able to do without social validation, a personal account should not seek it out to feel good about themselves. With the presence of Instagram likes, it may be difficult to not weigh your worth based on the number of likes.


So, removing the Instagram likes or turning off Instagram likes may be the healthy route to take. It also stops you from comparing your worth with other people’s worth based on the number of likes you can get from uploading a picture or video.

How to Turn off Likes on Instagram


How to Turn off Likes on Instagram


Now that you have reasons to turn off Instagram likes, you must learn the steps to follow, and start acting on them. Here are the best steps to follow if you must turn off likes on Instagram:


Open your Instagram


Yes! You need to get access to your Instagram account before you do anything. So, clicking on the Instagram app on your mobile is taking a step in the right direction. If you do not have the application on your phone, you may check out the site for Instagram to access your account.


Go to your Profile


Your profile is personal so every form of edit, or setting you to need to do should happen on your profile. Immediately you log into your account, the next thing you must do is go to your profile.


Click on the Three Lines


Now that you can see your profile and most of the important information about yourself from being able to view your profile, the next thing to do is click on the three black lines that are sitting at the top right corner of your profile.


Select Settings


From the black lines, you would be given the option to pick between settings, archive, your activity, QR code, and Saved. Click on settings.

From the Settings Menu, select Privacy


From the Settings Menu, select Privacy


For context, the settings menu includes Update messaging, follow and invite friends, Notifications, creator, privacy, security, payments, Ads, Account, Help, and About. From this list, the goal is to hit Privacy as soon as you can.


Click on Posts


To hide likes and view counts on Instagram, you need to go to posts from the privacy menu. Of course, there are other menus on the list along with posts. You will find mentioned, stories, guides, activity statuses, messages, hidden words, comments, limits, reels, and remixes among others. The goal is to click on posts.


Hide Likes and View counts


When you click on posts, you will find a toggle under it that says “hide likes and view counts” click on this, and until you see the blue color of the toggle. Always confirm that you have switched it on, and watch from another account to see if the likes have been turned off indeed. 


Bottom Line


It is a no-brainer that the number of likes on a post can encourage others to develop an interest in the post. The fact that some entrepreneurs plan around getting likes on their posts in many ways, and some do not mind buying Instagram Impressions is a clear indication that getting Instagram likes affects the business online in many ways.


Although, getting Instagram likes is not the only way to make people interested in you or your account especially if it is a personal account. Instead of buying Instagram Likes to attract more customers or followers, you can hide Instagram likes or turn them off to save yourself the distraction, and focus on creating the best content. The interesting part of doing this is that you are sure that anyone who comes to patronize you, follows you, or enters your DM is doing so based on merit. It is either your posts/Ads are of amazing quality, or your products have convinced them. Sometimes, it is both. But, knowing that they have not been influenced by trends surely gives your satisfaction.


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