How do you get verified on Instagram?

There are a few keys to getting that coveted blue checkmark next to your name.


Picture-sharing has been around for decades now, but there is a new way to show that your account on Instagram is the real deal. Recently, many users have seen little blue checks appearing next to some of their favorite influencers’ names on this social giant and they may be wondering what these are. The answer? These are accounts with verified badges! Verified Badges in an easy process where you can verify your profile as being legitimate - so if someone asks "Is it really him or her?" You'll know how to respond because all accounts will soon display a badge verifier when scanned by others of the platform who would like more facts about them before following suit themselves.

Like the Verified blue checkmarks on verified Twitter accounts, this blue checkmark helps users know that they are interacting with an authentic account.


How do you get verified on Instagram?

Nowadays, verified accounts are no longer the exclusive domain of celebrities and influencers. The latest Instagram policy update means that almost anyone with an account can now apply for verification - even personal profiles!


For a while, only public figures like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian were able to have their social media channels verified by Facebook (owner of Instagram). That has changed recently; in December 2018, they announced changes to its policies which meant any user could request authorization from them if they showed "real name" contact information on their profile as well as provided proof that you're not promoting spam or engaging in other malicious behavior.


What is so valuable about getting verified on Instagram?


The blue check mark is one of the most recognizable symbols on social media these days. Social networking has become a place for people to connect with others and learn more about what’s happening in their world, but when you have an account that doesn't verify its authenticity by adding this little symbol next to your name there's no telling who else might be masquerading as them or even worse- how many different accounts they've created pretending to be someone famous!


How do you get verified on Instagram?

People are always looking for ways to sell themselves and their products. With the Verified Badge on Instagram, it is clear that a business or individual has proven they're trustworthy; proving yourself as an authority in your field can be difficult with so many people trying to do the same thing.


A verified badge proves you’re not just some corporation out there promoting any old product but rather someone who knows what they are talking about - this helps give legitimacy to businesses of all shapes and sizes from small start-ups all the way up through billion dollar conglomerates like Nike®.

A recent survey from the University of Texas at Dallas shows that a majority of social media users are more likely to engage with accounts on Instagram and other platforms when they know it is real people, not imposters. The study found out that these interactions can be both in-person as well as online; this has led some companies or individuals who have verified themselves through tools such as Twitter's blue checkmark program or Facebooks "verified" designation. Knowing which account belongs to an actual person creates trust for followers and makes them feel better about their interaction because there is no question whether the content shared by said individual actually reflects what happens behind closed doors.

If you want to reap some of the benefits of having your own Verified Badge, but don't know how to get verified on Instagram, don’t worry. We're going walk through this process and make it simple enough that anyone can do it!


How do I get verified on Instagram?


A blue checkmark is a sign of status and popularity, so if you want that kind of power in your hands then it's time to undergo the quick verification process.

Famous celebrities make millions of dollars because they are so easy to identify. Now you can enjoy the same benefits with a verified Instagram account! With your own identity, people will know that it is really YOU and engage even more. This gives you an edge for converting followers into potential customers.

Instagram opened up the verification process for anyone who owns an Instagram account. It won’t be easy though, as there are still some standards that Instagram maintains. You need to have a personal or business account in public interest according to them

If you want to be verified on Instagram, make sure your account meets the following guidelines.


  • Your Instagram account must be genuine and authentic

To be eligible for verification, you must prove that the account is yours. If your name on Instagram doesn't match with your ID's card or if you're a business trying to verify an account, we'll ask for some documents before approving it. You can submit things like headquarters location and proof of incorporation paperwork as evidence when verifying a company profile!


  • Your account should be 100% unique

Instagram has a strict one account per user verification and is not willing to give out their coveted symbol. If you try to register two accounts, it will reject your request or simply delete the second account as soon as you have been verified with the first. Meme accounts are also generally excluded from Instagram's consideration for verification - even if they're very active on posting content that can be considered original!


  • Your Instagram account must be open to the public

In order to get your Instagram account verified, you must be sure that anyone can view it. Some companies have even tried private accounts but they usually don't work out and so the company will not give any Verified badge for a closed-profile page.


  • The account details must be correct and completed

Make sure to have a completed biography on your profile, as well as an updated picture. You should also make sure that you are active and uploading Instagram posts regularly in order to show networks how engaged with the platform you really are!


  • Make sure your Instagram account is really notable and to the public’s interest

Instagram has a strict policy on who is eligible for verification. To be verified, you must have an account that represents someone notable like yourself or your business. You can try and get featured in news sources but it would help to already have engaged followers before doing so because Instagram doesn't verify accounts with low engagement rates either!


Getting Instagram verified explained step by step:


  • 1. On your Instgram profile, click on the Menu button in the top right corner of your APP

    2. Click on 'Settings' of the list

    3. Now scroll down and click on 'Account'

    4. Click 'Request verification' to start the process

    5. Fill out your name, surname, business name and the desired category.

    6. Furthermore upload a photo of your ID. If you have a business account, you need to upload your business documents

    7. Finally click the 'Send' button and wait up to 3 business day for the verdict.


How do you get verified on Instagram?

If your Instagram account meets the requirements in this post, you should be able to satisfy their standards and get that coveted blue badge. Once verified, you'll reap all of the benefits it entails, you will represent yourself as an authentic source for anything related to your life or business! You’ll also have more credibility when marketing on Instagram since people will find it easier to trust who they're following. It's true what they say: "nothing beats being 'verified!'

What’s better than letting people know they can trust your account on Instagram? You could get verified today! If you think that your page is up to par with the requirements, then go for it. Make sure to read through all of their guidelines before applying so you have a successful application and don't waste any time.


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