Instagram released four different major updates

Since August 2016, Instagram released four different major updates.

The beginning of these major changes was in the August of 2016, when Instagram introduced its Story mode.

After this update, Instagram users were able to record short videos or photos and edit them individually before putting them on the Instagram Network for 24 hours. After this time period, the content will be permanently deleted. With the help of this, other Instagram users are perfectly informed about your everyday activities.


Therefore 5 Tips from us for you


Therefore 5 Tips from us for you


Tip #1: Create your stories in advance with the help of your PC or Laptop, to make them look more professional. And don’t forget that you can use the photos on your Snapchat Story also on your Instagram Story.


Tip #2: Pay attention on the length of your story and keep your followers engaged. A study done by professionals has found out that when your story consists of 8 posts, the attention span of your followers is the highest. Additionally, you should create a healthy mix in your story of videos and photos, which also helps towards the goal of making your profile more attractive.


Tip #3: Pay attention on what you post. Simply because it is not good when your Instagram Business profile includes private content of yourself, such as yesterday’s party photos, which results in a hugely unprofessional appearance on your profile as a total


Tip #4: With Instagram Stories, there are unfortunately not many ways to engage your followers, but yet the ones which are available can be really effective. For example, you can encourage your followers to reply to your individual Instagram Story or to participate in a voting. These so-called Call-to-Action posts are hugely popular with many big companies, such as Red Bull. For example, you can add to your story two different photos and let your followers decide which one they like the most, with the help of a voting. That keeps your followers engaged and you aware of the better photos.


Tip #5: Check out who has seen your story and spread some love over their account, by following them and liking their most recent photos. That creates a connection between you two and makes it more likely that they will also check out your stories in the future.


Instagram-Stories: The facts

  • 800 Mio Instagram Users Worldwide (2015 there were only 400 mio)
  • 500 Mio Daily Active Users Worldwide
  • 250 Mio Daily Story Users Worldwide
  • 80 % of the Users follow at least one Business
  • Average Time spent on Instagram for Users under 25 Years: 32 Minutes daily
  • Average Time spent on Instagram for Users over 25 Years: 24 Minutes daily
  • The maximum duration of Instagram videos increased by 80% within only one year
  • 50% of all businesses publish at least one story per month
  • 15 Mio business accounts worldwide


Following Updates will follow soon


Following Updates will follow soon:


Instagram-Stories Face-Filter: Includes funny filters, which you can put over your own face.

No matter if Photo, Videos or even Boomerangs, everything is possible. The most fascinating about this function is that they adjust to your movements, and make them look even cooler.


Sleep-Mask-Filter: You only need to shake your head to change between the Night and Day mode

Road-Trip-Filter: you open your mouth, you will be able to digitally cruise down a street, also together with your friends.

Hashtag-Stickers: Hashtags are THE essential of the Instagram network and will definitely help you increase the visibility of your stories.

Eraser Tool: Gives you the opportunity to erase unwanted things inside of a video or a photo, within a couple of seconds.


The newest Update


The Location- and Hashtags-Story-Update. This update gives users the chance to search for Stories including a new trend, location or hashtag. Moreover, it gives you the chance to find local Instagram Stories from other people at this certain location. In general, it makes it easier to find the content you were actually looking for.


How does the new Update work?


In order to use the Location- and Hashtags-Story-Update, you need to activate Locations services for Instagram. After you have done this, you will be able to see on the Explore Tab, an individual Instagram Story only filled with local Stories.

The Instagram Hashtag Stories allow you to find Stories, which fit better to your personal interests. If you also want your Stories to be suggested to other users, then you only need to have your profile on public. Have fun, sharing, searching, and looking through Instagram.


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