Why Instagram Does Not Show the Share Counter on Insights (EU Rules)

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, understanding the metrics behind your content’s performance is crucial for growth and engagement. Instagram Insights is a valuable tool for this purpose, providing detailed analytics on how your posts are performing. However, some users, particularly those in the European Union (EU), might notice a peculiar absence: the share counter. Instead of seeing the number of shares, they see "--". This blog explains why this happens and how you can still effectively boost your engagement.


The Impact of EU Privacy Regulations on Instagram Insights


Understanding the Share Counter Absence

The absence of the share counter in Instagram Insights for EU users is primarily due to stringent privacy regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in May 2018, imposes strict rules on how companies collect, store, and process personal data.


GDPR and Data Privacy

GDPR is designed to protect the privacy of EU citizens, ensuring that their personal data is handled with utmost care. One of the key aspects of GDPR is the need for transparency and explicit consent from users before their data can be processed. This impacts how social media platforms like Instagram collect and display data, including the number of shares a post receives.


Instagram’s Compliance Measures

To comply with GDPR, Instagram has had to make several adjustments to how it handles user data within the EU. One such measure is the removal of certain data points from public view to avoid potential privacy infringements. This includes the share counter on Instagram Insights, which could potentially reveal patterns about user behavior that fall under GDPR’s purview.

The Importance of Shares and How to Compensate


The Importance of Shares and How to Compensate


Shares play a significant role in expanding your content’s reach. When a post is shared, it is exposed to a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement. For influencers, businesses, and content creators, this can be a vital metric for assessing the impact and spread of their content.


Buying Instagram Shares as a Strategy


Since the share counter is not visible due to GDPR regulations, an alternative strategy is to buy Instagram shares. This approach can help increase the visibility and perceived popularity of your content, driving more organic engagement.

Why Buy Instagram Shares?


Why Buy Instagram Shares?


Boosting Visibility

When your content is shared more frequently, it appears in more feeds, stories, and explore pages. This increased visibility can attract more followers and engagement.


Building Credibility

A higher number of shares can enhance your profile’s credibility. It signals to potential followers that your content is valuable and worth sharing, which can encourage more organic shares and interactions.


Driving Engagement

Shares can significantly drive engagement by exposing your content to a wider audience. This can lead to more likes, comments, and followers, further boosting your presence on Instagram.


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Note for Customers


If customers buy Instagram shares at BuyCheapestFollowers and see only "--" in their insights, this does not mean that the shares are not completed. On the contrary, the purchased shares are delivered, but Instagram does not show them in the insights. Customers only see "--" but not the real number of shares.

In conclusion, while GDPR regulations have led to the removal of the share counter in Instagram Insights for EU users, understanding the importance of shares and how to work around this limitation is essential. By strategically choosing to buy Instagram shares, you can enhance your content’s reach and engagement, even without direct insight into the number of shares.

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